April 29th Weekly Updates!


Weekly Updates

April 29, 2019



Saturday, May 4th:  Westside Pool, Platinum & Senior 7-9AM, Flex & Silver 8-9AM




1. Trinity Prep - Swim Your Own Age - Winter Park, Florida - Saturday, May 4th - Registered swimmers will receive more information later this week.    More information HERE.

2. Marlins May Meet - Ocala, Florida - May 17 & 18, Open to All USA Team Swimmers (Blue, White, Silver, Flex, Platinum & Senior) Register online by May 11th. Information HERE

3. 2019 Sunshine State Games - Gainesville, Florida - June 7 - 9, Open to All Novice & USA Team Swimmers ALL USA Team swimmers are required to attend since this is our team hosted meet.  ALL USA Team parents are required to work 3 sessions.  Please see the meet event page and sign up today. Information HERE.




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