Weekly Notes for April 29 - May 5

My appologies for getting this out later than normal!  Have some changes and needed to hold off till finalized.

May 3-5 Meet...Read:  Major change in our meet format due to high numbers.  Have 616 swimmers attending!  Because of this, we have to change both Saturday & Sunday.  10&Under's will still be 8:30AM start.  Now, both the 11-12 Girl's & Boy's will have their own separate session (will run from 11/11:30-2:30.  Then, the 13&Over's will start their meet around 3:35 until completion.  I'll email more specific information for those entered later today.  For the 11-12's who can no longer swim in the new session, we'll allow 24-hours to notify me you can NO Longer compete.  Reply to this email or see me at practice today or tomorrow.  

Volunteer's for Meet:  Due to the addition of 2 sessions, we're expecting each family who has a child swimming in a work that session.  We have an increase of 50% of the volunteer's needed to run the meet.  I will make the changes in our Job Assignment's area.  On the good side, the sessions will be shorter.  The bad...we need more workers.  If your child is Not Swimming in the meet...we still expect you to work at least 3 sessions.  If you can work more...that would be outstanding!  For us to be a TEAM, it's important that everyone works todgeth (coaches, swimmers, & parents).   Pre-Team families do Not need to would be great if you could help out and see how meets look!

Practices for May 29-May 2 (Mon-Thu):  Regular practice schedules.  Friday-Saturday= NO Practices due to meet.

I'll update you on changes/additions during the week.  

Practices for May 6-11:  Regular practices all groups.