John Smith MSI's Head Coach of the Year

Congrats to our very own John Smith for being named Maine Swimming's Head Coach of the Year! The recognition is very well deserved. We are so lucky to have us guiding our team. Below is the nomination John received for the award:

John led our team through an incredibly difficult time this winter. During the evacuation in January, John stayed calm, was professional, and truly lead the swimmers by example. John was on the phone to the other swim teams to coordinate practices so our swimmers wouldn't be out of the water. Our swimmers did not miss one practice due to John's quick thinking and the generosity of the other teams. John has had his swimmers in four different pools, some times in one night. If he isn't at one practice then he drives to the next practice in a different location even if he has another Coach already there, just so he can connect with the swimmers and they see him on deck. Coach John has been a steady beacon for the swimmers while they prepared for their Championship meets.. In March he took two swimmers to sectionals, 37 to Winter Champs and will take three to Showcase Classic in April. Our team motto this spring is, "Tough Times Don't Last, Tough Teams Do!"

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