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Hello EMAC

We have several items to cover in this email.

  • Long Course Expectations
  • Converting Times
  • EMAC LC Entries
  • EMAC Velodrome Night at the Races
  • EMAC Summer Pool

Long Course Season Expectations

Our LC Season is about to kick off, and we wanted to cover our expectations for our LCM competitive season. 

First, let me state clearly and succinctly:  our focus in preparation is to swim fast in July.  Not May…not June…JULY!!!

The LC season is short.  It is counterproductive to try to rest or put a tech suit on in May or June.  All our practices and meets are designed to prepare us for success in July…at Champs. 

We have three LC Meets in the month of May.  This is by design.  The swimmers have not been in a LC pool since late July, early August.   That is 10 months.  We have four opportunities to compete (practice) in a LC pool prior to school letting out:  GPAC, All-American Classic, LANY, and Bucknell Classic.  All these meets are opportunities to shake off the LC rust, learn, and evaluate what needs to be done in order to be successful in July. The true value in the opportunity to compete at these meets is in the LC practice that it affords.  

Our expectations, then, have nothing to do with times at these meets.  Our expectations are that the swimmers give their best effort, evaluate their swims, and begin adjusting their training focus and efforts in order to bring about the success desired in July. 

Swimmers who have done LC swimming before are likely to start out this season with slower times than they ended last season, in some cases they may be significantly slower.  That is a natural part of the process.   As Coach O likes to say, “In March nobody brags about the swimmers they beat in October.”   Just swap March for July and October for May, and you have the gist for how we are looking at our LC season. 

Converting Times

Swimmers and parents: allow the swimmers to compare their SCY times to SCY times and their LCM times to LCM times.  Please do not even consider the idea of converting times.  Coaches will not be entertaining any discussion about converting times.  Time conversion is not reliable or valid, and, therefore, it gives us ZERO useful information for our current season of performance. 

EMAC LC Meet Entries

GPAC Meet May 4 and 5

  • Meet is closed to entry changes. 
  • HERE are EMAC’s entries


  • Meet is open to changes until tomorrow, April 30
  • HERE are EMAC’s entries.
  • Email Coach Doug with questions or requests


  • Meet is closed to entry changes. 
  • HERE are EMAC’s entries


  • Meet is open to changes until tomorrow, April 30
  • HERE are EMAC’s entries. 
  • We’ve made some changes to this file.  Please review your swimmer’s entries
  • Some changes were made due to swimmers being seeded below the host-teams cut line.  In some cases, rather than risk the swimmer being cut from the event, we switched them to another event.   To see the cut lines of events with potentially impacted EMAC swimmers click the following:  Girls 400 FR, Boys 400 FR, Girls 400 IM, Boys 800 FR.  If swimmers are cut, they can enter another event.  We will know the final cut lines shortly after May 1. 
  • Email Coach Doug with questions or requests


  • Meet is open for commitment until Midnight tonight. 
  • For some reason we had two PAAC Firecracker Meets listed.  We combined the two.  Please check to make sure your child's commitment to the meet is still present.
  • We will be doing entries tomorrow, and we will send out initial file into PAAC on Midnight of May 1. 
  • We’ve removed the following swimmers from the PAAC Firecracker file because they will be at Senior Champs, which begins three days after the conclusion of the Firecracker:  Raahi Klar-Chaudhuri, Cooper Kocon, AJ Lamack, Luke Rautzhan, Peyton Rautzhan, Connor Shriver, Ruhbani Sidhu, Nick Soares, Laryssa White. 


With our Triathlon Team growing in leaps and bounds, there has been some interest among EMAC swim team members in the sport of cycling.  I had a meeting with the director at the Velodrome and she offered us a half-price night in June during their international races.  So, on June 28, from 7pm to 10pm EMAC swimmers/triathletes and family members will attend the races at the velodrome. 

Prices will be $5.00 per ticket.  If you plan on attending, please commit to the event using our event commitment page HERE.  If you attend but you do not commit through our page, you will pay the full price.    

More information will be emailed separately.   


Just a reminder that EMAC team members receive a discounted rate for our Summer Pool.  This summer we will be adding new events such as a BBQ Cook-off, Movie Nights, Cornhole Tournament, and more.  Click HERE for more information.