New this year? Turtle Tip- Verify Email after Registration

Only an account holder can directly verify an SMS number or email address from within their account. Verifying your email address ensures our team has a good email address on file to communicate with you.

  1. Sign In to our team's website using the email and password you created during Registration.
  2. If you see the below dialog, click Remind me later...
    Notice of unverified email dialog
  3. In the side menu click My Account > My Account.
    My Account > My Account menu in SwimOffice
  4. Click the Unverified button above the email address.
  5. Click Yes to resend the verification email.
    Unverified email button on My Account screen
  6. Check that email account for a "Verify you email" message and open it.
  7. Click the link in it. If nothing happen when you click the link, copy it and paste it into your browser's address bar and press Enter.
    Email with link to verify email address
  8. You should see the message "Success! We have validated your primary email." in your browser. Close the browser tab.
  9. The next time you access your My Account screen you will see Verified in green above the email address (you may need to refresh the page).
    Verified label above email address field