Athlete Elections Information

Snake River Junior Athlete Elections

The following proposals have been reviewed, finalized, and passed by athlete representatives from every swim team in the Snake River Swimming LSC as well as our SRS executive committee. Because there are segments of this proposal that we would like to implement in the upcoming election, we would like the informal "pass" from all of the coaches in our LSC before our upcoming Spring HOD (May 18).  We would also like each coach to review the voting process and come to the meet prepared with 2 athletes to represent your team in the election. 

Voting process:(for 2019 election)
To provide a fair amount of equal representation for each and every team in our LSC, the athletes propose to create a system where 2 athlete reps from each team (that are not the candidates) will be able to cast one vote each. In the case where a team fails to provide 2 athletes 13+ and can only be represented by 1 athlete, that athlete shall receive 2 votes to compensate. We do not have a solution to provide votes for teams who fail to provide any athlete reps who are 13+. The primary purpose of this election process change is to provide representation to teams who may fail to show up to the actual voting process (those who do not show up to the actual election may email their votes to the current athlete reps).

To ensure that each athlete knows what they're voting for, regardless of whether or not they attend the in-person voting session, we will post the written application of each applicant on the SRS facebook, website, and Instagram. 

Application: (for 2019 election)
Athlete applicants must attend a minimum of (1) HOD meeting.

*IMPORTANT* (for 2019 election)
The removal of the rule which states that 2 athlete representatives may not be of the same team. The application of our first proposal should ensure a fair election so that it should not matter which team the athlete representative represents because they would be elected through the equal and fair representation of the whole LSC's athletes.

(Implement 2020 election)
Change the date of future elections to occur on a date before the Leadership Summit.

Applications: (Implement in 2020 election)
The application of each athlete is to be screened by the current athlete representatives to ensure commitment throughout the duration of their term. 

The application will also include a phone call interview process to be reviewed by the current senior and junior athlete reps.

To access the google form which will be used for the upcoming election, click HERE. The form can also be accessed on Instagram (user name for SRS is @srswimmers).  Please share this with the athletes of your respective teams so that they can apply. All applications must be submitted by May 12th, 2019.