Teaching Tuesday: Getting More Sleep Helps Mental Toughness

For most swimmers, the big meet of the season is over, but finals and tough training is here as we head into the summer! The most important thing you can do is SLEEP! This however seems impossible due to everything that is needed of athletes this time of year. 

When you think of what mental toughness is, there are probably a host of different examples that come to mind. It’s being able to show up on on those super early mornings when you are sore, tired, and when you want to stay in bed all day. It’s finishing the main set at full throttle even though your lungs and muscles are screaming for oxygen. It’s doing the little things right, even when you don’t feel like doing them.

Mental toughness, essentially, is the ability to withstand stress. - Swimswam

The first thing you can do is rest so you can fully recover. Why is not getting enough sleep bad?
  • Sleep deprivation causes things to seem worse than they are

  • Creates a lack of an attention span (aka makes studying harder!)

  • Causes more sickness

  • Makes you less tough

So make sure you get enough sleep so you can be mentally stronger!