A quick word about bringing food to meets

Just wanted to go over some things about bringing food to swim meets. 

When we go to swim meets, swimmers are welcome to bring a few snacks with them, as we kow some meets can go a little on the long side. And of course, we need them to stay hydrated at all times! 

However, we are responsible for keeping our area as neat and  clean as possible, and I can tell you that did not happen this past Sunday at Lehman. As the meet was beginning to wind down, and we just had a handful of kids left, coach Steve and I began to clean up. Then after the last swimmer was donw, we threw out everything left over. This is not what we should have been doing at 7:30 on a sunday night. It is up to your swimmer to throw out their garbage and not throw on the floor. 

We have a few swimmers on the team, with food allergies, (especially peanuts)- so this becomes quite important in this aspect as well.

Please speak to your children about this. 

Goes for practice as well, with the water bottles.