Rumsey Triangle Meetings!

Rumsey Triangle Meetings

The DC Wave Swim Team uses triangle meetings throughout the year to have open communication between parents, swimmer, and Coach. Triangle meetings are a great opportunity to sit down with your child’s coach and talk about a vast array of things. 

Triangle meetings include parent(s), Coach, and swimmer. 

Some of the topics should include: upcoming swim meets, review of the underwater video, progress from last season or the last meeting, behavior at practice and swim meets, expectations for moving up, goals and strategies, successes and failures, and personal swimmer goals. 

Some of the key questions and talking points which you should bring up as a parent:

  • What can I do to assist so that my child is reaching their full potential?
  • What are things that my child should be focusing on?
  • How can we work together to help them reach their goals?
  • What swim meets and events do you recommend for my child?

As we are entering our Long Course/Summer season, now if the perfect time to discuss options and a plan for your child(ren) for the summer. And with many kids changing groups, it is the perfect time to meet with their new coach!

Please sign-up for a time to chat with your child's primary Coach. The primary Coaches for each group are listed below:

  • Developmental I: Matt Golden
  • Developmental II: Darien Washington
  • Age Group I: Matt Golden
  • Age Group II: Darien Washington
  • Age Group Select: Mary Woodward
  • High School/Summer Prep: Rodger McCoy


If you have multiple kids, please sign-up for 2 times. It is important to give each kid their own meeting rather than lump them together. 

If you would like to schedule a meeting outside of the times listed, please contact your child's primary Coach and set up a time which works for both parties. 

  • Matt Golden:
  • Darien Washington:
  • Rodger McCoy:
  • Mary Woodward:


Please sign-up no less than 24 hours in advance of meeting times to give the Coaches enough time to prepare. For meetings less than 24 hours in advance, please email the Coach. 

Please use the sign-up link below to select a meeting time for you, your swimmer, and your swimmer's primary Coach. This link is only for swimmer's whose primary site is Rumsey. For swimmers at Takoma and Turkey Thicket, we encourage you to discuss with your Coach a time to have your triangle meeting.

If you have further questions, please email your child's primary Coach. 

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