OSI Tech Suit Policy and Banned Suits

Oregon Swimming Technical Suit Policy

Effective April 1, 2019 until September 1, 2020

1. Swimmers 12 years old and younger may not compete in a “Technical Suit” in a Oregon Swimming, Inc. sanctioned or approved competition.

2. The swimmer’s age for the meet will be his/her age as of the first day of the meet.

3. There is no “Technical Suit” restriction for swimmers age 13 & over.

4. A list of the restricted suits (see below) will be posted on the OSI website and given to Meet Directors, Meet Referees and Coaches. The restricted suit list will be revised as needed.

5. The following statements shall be added to all meet information for all meets after April 1, 2019.

SWIMWEAR: Per Oregon Swimming policy, swimmers 12 years old and younger are not permitted to wear “Technical” suits at any OSI sanctioned or approved meets. Age is determined on the first date of the meet.

6. Meet officials, coaches, swimmers and parents are responsible for knowledge of the policy. Meet Referees will remind coaches at their coaches’ meeting and ensure that all suits comply with this policy. Coaches should meet with, explain to, and educate their swimmers and parents.

Restricted Suit List by Manufacturer Note: this list is being published as a resource for swimmers/parents and coaches, but a suit does NOT need to be included in this list in order to be considered a Tech Suit.

ALL suits with bonded or meshed seams are considered a “Tech Suit” under Oregon Swimming rules, and thus restricted for 12 & Under swimmers as described on the Oregon Swimming bylaws.

1. Paroling this is going to be up to the Coaches and officials. Coaches need to educate their teams and be willing to speak up if they see a swimmer with a suit on at a meet. Officials will be disqualifying swimmers if they see a swimmer aged 12 and under compete in a Tech suit.

2. We are defining a “Tech” suit as: “any suit with bonded seams, Kinetic tape, or meshed seams”

3. Referees and officials will know about this rule and will have the ability to DQ a swimmer wearing a suit on the banned list.

4. Referees will not be checking all suits, but if a swimmer swims and an official sees an illegal suit they have the right to DQ the swimmer.

5. The list of suits that will NOT be permitted will be updated as needed.

Restricted Suit List by Manufacturer:

A3 Performace Female Suits Male Suits A3 Performance Stealth Closed Back A3 Performance Legend Powerback A3 Performance Stealth Jammer A3 Performance Legend Jammer

Adidas Female Suits Male Suits Adizero XVI Breaststroke Open Back Kneeskin Adizero XVI Freestyle Kneeskin Adizero XVI Freestyle Kneeskin Adizero XVI Breaststroke Jammer Adizero XVI Freestyle Jammer

Aqua Sphere Female Suits Male Suits Energize Kneeskin Energize Jammer

Arena Female Suits Male Suits Powerskin Carbon-Ultra Powerskin Carbon pro Powerskin Carbon Flex Powerskin Carbon Air Women’s Powerskin ST Limited Edition Carbon Air Limited Edition Jammer Powerskin Carbon Flex Jammer Powerskin Carbon Air Jammer Powerskin Carbon Ultra Jammer Powerskin Carbon Flex VX Jammer Powerskin ST 2.0 Jammer Powerskin Carbon Flex XCE Jammer Powerskin R-EVO Jammer

Blueseventy Female Suits Male Suits NeroFIT Kneeskin NeroFIT Jr. Kneeskin NeroTX Kneeskin R10 Kneeskin Nero TX Jammer NeroFIT Jammer NeroFIT Jr. Jammer R10 Jammer Nero 14 Jammer

Dolfin Female Suits Male Suits Titanium Female Knee Suit Titanium Men’s Jammer

Engine Female Suits Male Suits Armour Wingskin Armour Wingskin Jammer

Finis Female Suits Male Suits Vapor Race john Onyx Race John Fuse Race John Hydrospeed 2 Race John Fuse Bladeback Vapor Jammer Onyx Jammer Fuse Jammer

Funkita Female Suits Male Suits Apex Stealth Panel Locked Back Kneeskin Apex Stealth Free Back Kneeskin

Funky Trunks Female Suits Male Suits Apex Stealth Hi-Rider Jammer Apex Performance Jammer Apex Stealth jam-ItIn Jammer

Hammerhead Female Suits Male Suits Silver Armor Female Kneeskin PowerGlide Female Kneeskin Silver Armor Male Jammer PowerGlide Male Jammer

Head Female Suits Male Suits Liquid Fire Men’s Jammer

Huub Female Suits Male Suits Welded Kneeskin

Jaked Female Suits Male Suits Competition J Katana One-Piece Swimsuit J Storm One Competition Swimsuit J Bonded Open Back Competition Swimsuit J05 Maxxis Competition Swimsuit J05 Seamed Competition Swimsuit J07 Shark Competition Swimsuit J11 Water Zero Competition Swimsuit J11 Steel Open Back Competition J12 Seal Competition Swimsuit J Keel Rock & Roll Limited Edition J Keel Open Back J Rush Competition J Katana Jammer J Storm One Competition Swimsuit J Bonded Competition Swimsuit J05 Maxxis Competition Swimsuit J05 Seamed Competition Swimsuit J07 Shark Competition Swimsuit J11 Water Zero Competition Swimsuit J12 Seal Competition Swimsuit J Keel Rock & Roll Limited Edition J Keel Jammer J Rush Competition

Mizuno Female Suits Male Suits GX-Sonic III MR Jammer GX-Sonic III ST Jammer

MP Michael Phelps Female Suits Male Suits Xpresso Kneeskin Xpresso Jammer

Nike Female Suits Male Suits NG-1 Neck to Knee Flex LT Women’s Neck to Knee NG-1 Jammer

Rocked Science Female Suits Male Suits Women’s Rocked LIGHT2 Kneeskin Men’s FU2 Racer Jammer

Speedo Female Suits Male Suits Powerplus Kneeskin LZR Elite 2 Comfort Strap Kneeskin LZR Elite 2 Closed Back LZR Racer Elite 2 Recordbreaker LZR Racer Pro Recordbreaker LZR Racer X Open Back Kneeskin LZR Racer X Closed Back Kneeskin LZR Racer Elite 2 LZR Racer Elite 2 High Waist Jammer LZR Racer Pro Jammer LZR Racer X Jammer LZR Racer X High Waist Jammer

*If a suit has these items, it is not allowed, even if it is not on the Restricted Suit List*

1. Bonded Seams

2. Kinetic Tape

3. Meshed Seams