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Michael & Elaina's experience at Leadership Camp


SNS Leadership Camp was a tremendous experience that helped me become better prepared to take initiative as a leader in my swim team and life. The camp has helped me to become more motivated and inspired to become a role model and leader within and outside the sport of swimming. A leader is important to the success of a group because that person helps direct, motivate, and inspire the team to push one another beyond what they are capable of.

The second I arrived at the leadership camp, I quickly met so many new people from numerous different swim teams. It was easy to make new friends as everyone shared a common interest with one another- Swimming. It is fantastic to see how this sport can bring and connect all these people with different walks of life and goals. The best part of the camp, in my opinion, was the food because the directors of the camp were not kidding when they said that they were going to feed us a lot.

Besides that, the most important part of this camp, the reason we were chosen to go there was to learn the attributes/ qualities that were needed for an outstanding leader. Responsibility, communication, empathy, integrity, passion, optimism, confidence, honesty, and character were the main aspects that we covered. Leadership is not about the position or anything you personally gain but is more directed towards how well you can positively influence one another. Thus, an excellent leader is needed everywhere to help people to individually grow as a person.

Overall, the SNS leadership camp is a memorable experience that I am sure all of you will enjoy in the future. I have no doubt that you will have fun and learn so much new stuff you have never expected. All of us are called to be a leader in this world, but what really matters is when are You willing to step up and take that initiative?



At the end of the short-course season, Michael and I attended the SNS leadership camp.
This camp was intended for high schoolers, teaching us how to be better leaders with our team and how to be better participants in our community. One thing that separated it from other camps is that it was attended only by members of our swim league. They are swimmers who attend the
same meets as our team, possibly the swimmer next to us in a race.
The weekend started off with a swim, and then led straight into group-bonding exercises.
These were fun ways to get to know each other, seeing as most of us had never met. We played two truths, one lie and human knot; both intimate games, one emotionally, one physically. It created a way to feel like we knew these strangers within a few minutes. There were many other
group exercises through the rest of the weekend, all trying to teach us how to work and participate with different types of people.
It was a leadership camp, so a majority of the time was spent being taught about types of leadership and how to be a better leader. The main thing I took away from these discussions was that being a leader is not necessarily the obvious: it doesn’t have to be a coach, or the person
leading your lane; and there can be more than one type of leader in every situation. Sure, there is the person who defines the set, but almost more importantly, there is the first follower. This is the person who believes the terrible set is doable, and convinces everyone else they will succeed
too. The first person to dive in, the first to volunteer to do tarps and put the lane lines into position. They may not be the person to cause the change, but they are the start of a movement. It changes an individual act into something all will want to join.
Overall, this camp was a great experience. I love that I was able to attend, and I hope this sounds like something you will want to attend in the future.