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Swimfo May 1st


The Swim-A-Thon’s this last weekend were a ton of fun and a success!  Kids were swimming tons of laps and having a blast!!  We have make ups today, Wednesday, May 1stfrom 3:00 – 6:00 at the OC pool and 4:00 – 6:30 at Molalla.  Swimmers can also do a make up this Saturday at the OC pool from 8:00 – 10:00.  Thanks to all the parents and athletes that have worked so hard to make this a success. The Swim-A-Thon is a huge fundraiser and helps us make up the general budget and add enrichment opportunities for the athletes.  Some things that we’ve spent extra Swim-A-Thon funds on are starting blocks, an underwater camera, and professional consultations with world-class coaches and teachers.

One of the consultants we brought in was Vern Gambetta.  You can read about him here.  Vern is world class thinker and doer that is currently consulting with Singapore swimming.  Vern still is a tremendous resource for our athletic development out of the water, but also a mentor in coaching and performance.  If you want to read some of what influences our thinking on how we craft practices, you can see some of his writings that help guide how we think.  In his blog the post ‘ Formulating effective movement problems’ talks about using both implicit learning (without awareness) and explicit learning  (consciously attempting to learn).   In ‘The Performance Paradigm' on HMMR media Vern dives deep on the proprioceptive nervous system and how it relates to improved quality of movement. We take all of these pieces into account when coaching and our goal is not just to impart knowledge but also to craft an environment where ALL sorts of learning take place.  Ultimately technical improvement boils down to the athlete being intentional, open to feedback, and willing to pay attention to the water and explore their experience internally and externally.   Because of his influence our philosophy is rooted in always putting an emphasis on technique and empowering our athletes to focus on their own experience and technique regardless of the activity we are doing. 

I have had multiple conversations with parents that question whether or not we do “technique”.  What parents and even some athletes do not realize is that we are employing multiple strategies to improve an athletes quality of movement.  Some of these tap into the subconscious and many times athletes don’t realize they are getting better.   It is because they are paying attention and improving their proprioceptive instincts with how their bodies work in the water.  We have had representatives from USA swimming come to our practices and highlight the high quality of movement that OCST athletes have from top to bottom.  If you would like to discuss technical improvements and practice organization further feel free to set up a time to sit down with us and ask questions.  

Quick hits:

  1. The LONG COURSE meets are posted HERE.  Plan ahead and sign your athletes up now.  If you look at the meet schedule here you can see what meets your athlete would be likely participating in.  If you aren’t sure what ‘level’ they are at feel free to email me or ask their coach. The sooner you can sign up the better!
  2. The tentative Oregon City-summer schedule is posted here.  This will start on June 17th.  We are still working on solidifying a Molalla summer schedule. 
  3. We will need volunteer help for the dual meet at home.  A volunteer sign-up will be posted soon.
  4. Additional service opportunities – Contact Coach Matt if you can help.
    1. ~2 hours – Load up old lane lines and reel, take to the Milwaukie Elks pool.
    2. ~1 hour – Place additional gear bag hooks in equipment room. 
  5. Key DATES:    
    • June 15 & 16thTHSC Dual hosted by OCST. 
    • June 17thstart of the summer schedule. 
    • July 30th  - Team awards.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding anything.   



Coach Matt