Vamos A Nadar at Ridgway

When: Sunday, May 19, 2019, 8:30-12:00


Why/What: “Vamos A Nadar” (Let’s go Swim)

                                Are you available from 8:30-12 on Sunday, May 19th and are 14 years or older? Do you love to work with kids? If you answered yes to all of these questions, check out this opportunity to change and potentially save a life. The City of Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks Department is teaming up with the Sonoma County Regional Parks to offer 2 free swim lessons as part of this community outreach event. While you are teaching children the basics of swimming parents are receiving critical water safety information in Spanish. (you do not need to speak Spanish to help with this event) PLEASE RSVP TO:
Brandon Hamann at 707-543-4342 or before Wednesday, May 15th.



What does the schedule look like?

8:30 Volunteers Arrive at Ridgway Swim Center

                Overview of the event, teaching assignments and snacks


9:00-9:30pm Kids will be arriving to register

When the kids show up they will proceed to the color balloon that they were assigned.  Kids will be split up according to ability.

*             Yellow                   - Level 1 - Ages 5-9

            *             Red/Pink             - Level 1- Ages 10-18

           *             Blue                       - Level 2 - Ages 5-9

           *             Orange - Level 2 - Ages 10-18


9:30-10:00pm Children-First Lesson, Parents-Water Safety Presentation                              

                WE HAVE LESSON PLANS


10:00-10:45pm All-Safety Demonstration

Sonoma County Regional Parks will be putting on the safety demo for kids and parents.


10:45-11:15pm Children-Second Lesson, Parents-Personal Story and Questions


11:15-11:45pm Free time for kids

Few minutes of play time, instructors stay with children. Parents time for other information.


If you have any questions please contact Brandon Hamann at 543-4342 or email Thank you,

Brandon Hamann

Recreation Coordinator – Aquatics