Important Message!

Storm Families,

I am saddened to announce that the Storm Board has come to the difficult decision that we will not be able to operate this season. This decision has been made with much consideration and discussion with the swimmer's/family's satisfaction of their potential season experience in the forefront of our mind.  The fact is that we do not have enough swimmers and families to operate and participate in swim meets effectively.  This includes having a sufficient amount of volunteers to properly run our home meets and properly support away meets.  Also, this includes being able to provide the swimmers with the full experience including being able to compete in relays.  

The team has traditionally operated over the years with around 80-100 swimmers with an average of 75% of the roster swimming in each meet.  These numbers have stayed pretty true over the years (as far as meet participation).  As we sit today we have 40 swimmers registered which of those 40 include 4 coaches that would also swim and 7 board member’s kid’s. We simply cannot run a swim meet with that few of swimmers and families.  We did the math and even if we were able to hit the phones/pavement and sign up 20 more kids, we would still be operating by the skin of our teeth numbers wise with swimmers and families. Along the way, we have been working hard to publicize our team and increase our registration numbers to no avail.

With that we made the difficult decision to make a call now to cancel the season so that our families that did sign up have time to seek other options.  You are welcome to sign up for any team you would like.  We have been in communication with the Castle Pines Crocs and they have been tremendously supportive and would welcome with open arms any Storm swimmers and families that would like to join their team.  Tracey Ray, the Crocs Board President, is copied on this email.  We will refund our families 100% and if you choose you can sign up for the Croc’s on their website (  ).  We will also be refunding our sponsors 100%.  If you have purchased a swim suit and choose to register for the Crocs, they have approved the use of the Storm suit while participating on their team.

On behalf of the board we apologize for having to make this difficult decision and the inconvenience this has caused your family.  This team has been a big part of many families and the community for a long time and has meant a lot to many.  We truly are making this difficult decision with the hopes that our families and swimmers can have a full experience and that a good experience will lead to continued participation in this great sport.

Please notify me by May 10th if you strongly oppose our decision laid out above.


Matt Amerlan (mamerlan@comcast.net510-809-6833)