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Best ever NCS for LAC athletes

Hello LAC Familes, today marked the completion of the NCS championships in Concord. We sent 15 athletes in individual events this season, and several other athletes on relays. This was our best ever showing at this meet. Of our 15 athletes in individual events, all had significant drops from last season. Natalie made two top 16 finals swims, Jared made a top 8 finals swim, Taber made two top 16 finals swims, Abby made one top 16 swims (winning consuls) and one top 8 swim, Chenoa made two top 16 finals swims. 

Along with the NCS individual event qualifying athletes, Ashlynn, Sutton, Kaela, Melinda, Elizabeth, Sarah, Annelyse, and Scott played big roles in the NCS relays. 

Below are listed our 15 individual qualifiers' season best times followed by what their best times were last year. We've had an incredible progression so far this season and are looking forward to great swims at Santa Clara tomorrow and beyond: 

Minh-nha: 157 200free, 59 100 back/  201, 101 last year 

Natalie: 154 200free, 508 500 free/ 157, 513 last year 

Ryan: 147 200 free, 453 500 free/ 153, 505 last year 

Katie: 24.4 50 free/ 24.7 previous best 

Aven: 24.9 50 free, 54.4 100 free/ 25, 55 last year 

Jared 21.3 50 free/ 21.5 previous best 

Bryson 21.1 50 free, 49.3 100 free/ 22.5, 50.3 last year 

Chris 21.8 50 free/ 23 last year 

Taber 155 200 IM, 439 500 free/ 200, 449 last year 

Alex 456 500 free/ 507 last year 

Abby 205 200 IM, 103 100 breast/ 209, 109 last year 

Chenoa 207 200 IM, 56 100 fly/ 210, 59 last year 

Olivia 213 200 IM/ 223 last year 

Sam 100 100 back/ 102 last year 

Jacques 54 100 back/ 59 last year 


We are proud of the great improvements of these athletes and of all of the athletes who also dropped time at EBALs and throughout the season. We are looking forward to some more fantastic swims tomorrow in Santa Clara as we continue to strive toward Excellence in Attitude, Effort and Skill every day. Thank you for supporting your kids and our club! 

Parents, please forgive me if I have made some mistakes on some of your kids' previous best times, I have recorded them to the best of my abilities with limited research. 

Please be sure to check the website for the opening of the TERA meet June 7-8 this weekend as it is slated to open any day now and is sure to be full within hours of opening. For many on our team this may be the only LC meet in June. I believe by continuing to create an Excellent culture at LAC we will have an even better NCS meet next year at this time. Thank you parents and athletes for helping to make this happen with your passion!