CWAC Wins Dual With Academy

Two of the top teams in the state kicked off the long course season with an exciting dual meet on Sunday.  It was great to do some racing in a different format meet where all ages could be together.  The Pack came out on top in both the women, men and combined meet standings.  CWAC took first in 5 of the 6 relays and 18 of the 26 individual events. 

A huge thank you to all of the parents that helped out and to those that stepped up to time and to Mike Szymanski for his last minute announcing.  A shout out to Sharon Pritchett and her team of officals for their great work in making the meet run very smoothly - Cecily Arroyo, Tim Arroyo, Kersti Azar, Jill Blackman, Kerry Fitzpatrick, Jaden Heinlein, Kim Moore, Pam Wu and Shawn Zhao.

Congrats to Kale Chow who set a new team record in the 9-10 boys 50 backstroke

New State Times - Mariposa Arroyo (1), Joy Cheng (1), Isabella Chow (1), Alistair Guth (1), Morgan Haddox (1), Feagin Kaminski (1), Isaac Litwiller (1), Brooke Mahneke (1), Chayse Massimino (1), Briana Mingmuang (1), Jaiden Ponce (1), John Spellers (1)

New Regional Times - Matthew Angsiwapong (1), Mauricio Carmona (2), Eric Chen (1), Ema Cheng-Tanaka (2), Sophia Chin (1), Peyton Davidson (1), Penelope Del Aguila Solis (2), Benjamin Del Cid (2), Kendall Easterly (2), Jannie Esperon (1), Victor Friar (1), Jakub Galaczynski (1), Ivan Goncharko (2), Aaron Grgurovic (1), Isabella Gronwoski (1), Eloise Guth (1), Efuru Harmon-Miller (1), Feagin Kaminski (1), Austin Kim (1), Liv Kittrell (1), Stefan Kukatla (1), Selina Lin (1), Isaac Litwiller (1), Emily Manos (1), Gamble Merrick (2), Mikayla Monterola (1), Megan Moore (1), Kasia Opalinska (2), Jaiden Ponce (1), Rohan Robinson (1), Ari Rohde (1), Daniel Scott (1), John Spellers (1), Charlie Tracy (1), Quinn Tyrrell (1), Kyron Wright (1)

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