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Dear Splash Club Family,

As you may already know, the club created a new administrative staff position this spring.  I would like to give you some background on this hiring, the overall process and the bigger picture for the club.

I felt the club was under achieving in several key areas and reached out to 20 current and past members who were and are in the leadership of the club.  I asked them to complete a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.  I received 18 responses that produced 26 pages of feedback.  Current Board President, Jen Williams, and I compiled the original data into a 5- page summary that we submitted to the Board of Advisors at the January Board meeting.  The Board created a task force (Jen Williams, Kourtney Craig, Blair Ellis and me) to evaluate the data and report back to the Board with potential action items.  According to the SWOT results, the primary dryside areas to be addressed were team promotion, communication and parent education.  Based on these findings, the task force felt the club would greatly benefit from a professional administrator and presented their findings and the proposal for creation of a new staff position at the February Board meeting.    

Additionally, on March 30th the Board had a 6-hour retreat to review the team mission and vision, set Board goals, discuss the proposed administrative position and take a deeper look into the SWOT feedback.  You will see and hear about continued improvements linked to this retreat and the SWOT analysis over the next 12 months.  The Board approved the creation of the admin position and created a hiring committee (Jen Williams, Aaron McDonald, Tricia Richards and Kourtney Craig).  The position was posted within the team, via e-mail and Facebook, and externally on ZipRecruiter.  We identified 5 qualified applicants and ultimately interviewed two.  The Board approved the hiring of Ann Englehart at their April 23 meeting and she started work on April 29.  Click here for links to Ann’s brief bio and the current admin job description.

Additional Changes linked to the Board retreat and SWOT analysis-

  • Creation of objective performance standards for advancement into Junior Octane, High Octane and National training groups.
  • Coach Chad to coach the Development 2 training group
  • Posting of the Board of Advisors pictures at the pool
  • Creation of name tags for the Board of Advisors to wear at team functions- please search them out and open a line of communication

The Board and Staff are committed to improving and expanding Splash Club.  We look forward to communicating additional program upgrades to you soon.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact a member of the Board or me. 


Chad Englehart

Splash Club Vision

Challenging Tomorrow’s Leaders, Building Lifelong Champions

Splash Club Mission

An organization that is dedicated to achieving excellence in competitive swimming by developing character, leadership, teamwork and accountability in a safe and supportive environment