Swim-A-Thon Details!!



Details about our Swim-A-Thon this week are all below ý please donate TODAY to make our NAAC experience even better for our swimmers!!


Donations to our Swim-A-Thon are open NOW through this coming Sunday, May 12th!ý We have an adjusted practice schedule this week for the actual Swim-A-Thon practices, as noted on our Team Calendar and Swim-A-Thon practices per group noted below.ý Again - please note that many group practices are changed and/or combined during the Swim-A-Thon week to allow for the longer than usual Swim-A-Thon practices ý please look at our Homepage Team Calendar for full weekly practice times!!

Wed May 1stýý ýýýýýýýýýýý Swim-A-Thon Donations Open

  • Mon May 6thýýýýýýýýýýýýýýýý Ripple Swim-A-Thon ýýýýýýýýýý 5:30-6:15pm

Tsunami Swim-A-Thon ýýýýýýý 6:30-8:15pm

  • Tues May 7thýýýýýýýýýýýýýýýý Cyclone Swim-A-Thonýýýýýýýý 5:30-8:00pm
  • Wed May 8thýýýýýýýýýýýýýýýý Hurricane Swim-A-Thonýýýýý 5:00-7:00pm

ýýýýý Typhoon Swim-A-Thon ýýýýýýý 7:00-9:15pm

  • Thursday May 9thýýýýýýýý Wave Swim-A-Thonýýýýýýýýýýýý 6:00-7:30pm
  • Friday May 10thýýýýýýýýýýý Breaker Swim-A-Thonýýýýýýýý 6:00-7:00pm
  • Saturday May 11thýýýýýýý Elite Swim-A-Thonýýýýýýýýýýýýýý 7:30-11:00am

Sunday May 12thýýýýýý Swim-A-Thon Donations Close


We are utilizing a Swim-A-Thon as our fundraiser in order to keep our swimmers on track to bettering themselves through a very challenging group practice, tied to our fundraising equipment goal which will further increase their abilities to improve themselves.ý A Swim-A-Thon allows for swimmer involvement in recruiting donations as well as providing the opportunity to challenge their current abilities in the water at a high-volume, longer than usual practice for their groupýs Swim-A-Thon practice.


We are hosting a Swim-A-Thon to raise funds to make our Team and all of the swimmers on our Team BETTER, with up-to-date equipment purchases, more streamlined practice transitions, and better overall use of available group practice times.ý All of the items below are linked to examples, and we have a $20k goal.


Donating is easy!ý There is a walk-through to get online donation requests out to all of your family, friends and neighbor contacts with a simple email request.ý You can also collect donations offline (check or cash) and simply turn in to your Lead Coach by this coming Sunday, May 12th, and we will credit your donations toward your Family Account. ýThere is a Current Donation amount graphic & donation button near the top of our Homepage in order to keep track of our Team progress toward our $20k goal, as well as another donation button on the lower left-hand column of our webpage.

Specific donation amounts are noted via level as well as the ability for anyone to donate any amount online.ý Some examples of what our different donation amounts will help towardsý

  • Maroonýýýýýýýýýýý $25ýýýýýýýýýýýýýýýýý Pull Buoys, Kick Boards, Swim Sox
  • Bronzeýýýýýýýýýýýý $50ýýýýýýýýýýýýýýýýý Pull Cords, Hand Paddles, Med Balls
  • Silverýýýýýýýýýýýýýý $100ýýýýýýýýýýýýýýý Backstroke Start Ledges, Rings
  • Goldýýýýýýýýýýýýýýý $200ýýýýýýýýýýýýýýý Equipment Bins (for Fins, Pull Buoys), Flooring sections, Pull-Up Bars
  • Platinum*ýýýýýýý $500 & overýýý Wall-mounted Monitor, Power Tower


* Any Team Family or Individual acquiring donations at the Platinum Level and above will be noted on a placard to be placed at the pool (unless they would prefer to remain anonymous)!


Please help us reach our goal NOW through May 12th to improve your swimmerýs NAAC experience!!