Cooler of BEER!

The Cooler of BEER fundraiser is back!


  • Prizes:
    • 1st - Cooler full of Beer! Valued at $300
    • 2nd - $150 LCBO Gift Card
    • 3rd - $50 LCBO Gift Card
  • Tickets are $5ea and come in books of 10
  • Money collected will be credited to family account.  Examples of eligible uses:
    • Meet Fees
    • Year End Banquet
    • Team Equipment
  • Closes June 1st, 2019 - Drawn June 3rd, 2019
  • Instructions for selling:
    • Keep the left hand side of the ticket (buyer’s name, email address and phone number)
    • Give the buyer the right hand side of the ticket
    • All money collected and ticket stubs must be returned by 9am Saturday, June 1st
      • Please return stubs and money (large bills/cheque) in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the account to be credited
    • Each book contains 10 tickets
    • If you want more tickets to sell, please email James
  • Important:

    • For each ticket sold, you will receive a credit of $4 to your account!

    • The team will collect $1 per ticket to contribute towards the cost of prizes

    • Money and Ticket Stubs NOT returned to the office by 9am, June 1st will not be placed in the draw

    • Unused credits do not have any cash value and will not be refunded at seasons end