Teaching Tuesday: Backstroke Pull

Happy Teaching Tuesday! Today we are looking at backstroke pull, which can be super helpful and useful during long course season when your legs get tired (because mine do!). The absolute first thing to do is to STOP pulling on the laneline no matter how easy it is to get away with it. I used to do it a lot when I was younger and it began causing an imbalance in my shoulders and how they pulled water when I swam backstroke and I became very used to it as well, and you definitely cannot do it during a race! 

Generally when focusing on the fundamentals of back pull, the swimmer focuses on the exit of their thumb and then entering with their pinky first into their catch, pulling through with a deep elbow and shallow hand that continues to finish by the hip. The use of paddles also helps when working on finishing the stroke which swimmers do struggle with a great deal. Another idea is to swim against resistance which will help develop a stronger pull bu making any slips through the catch more apparent.