Practice ends at 6:30 PM tonight (Tue May 7)

Dear Bluefins,

The club has received several complaints from swimmers and parents in the past week about the cold temperature of the pool water at Shearwater. We have learned that the pool was recently topped up with very cold water, and therefore it's taking longer than expected to bring the pool back up to its usual temperature. We're told that the situation should improve noticeably in the next few days.

In preparation for another cold night tonight, the coaches would like to end practice a half-hour early so that the swimmers can hit the showers early and warm back up. Parents, please be prepared to pick up your swimmers a half-hour earlier tonight as a result.

Note: If your child finds the water too cold to swim, it is okay for them to skip tonight's practice. We are optimistic that by Thu and Fri of this week, it will improve.

Thank you!