HOBC Meet Report

Brantford Aquatic Clubs youngest members had another excellent session of racing this past weekend at their final regular HOBC dual meet of the year against Cambridge, with strong swims from swimmers across all 3 groups - MP 2, Preps and Squad 1. Special congratulations to out 1st time competitors - Hannah Fellinger and Leah Ferrell! See below for highlights: 

1st time racers!
Hannah Fellinger
Leah Ferrell


75% or better best times
Sophie Adams
Audrey Appell
Emma Brock
Jennie Brock
Branek Cici
Sophia Cici
Gwendolyn Coubrough
Genevieve Culshaw
Annika Dobrocky
Hannah Fellinger
Leah Ferrell
Emma Fries
Sophia Gillis
Rowan Goosen
Charlotte Hobbs
Dustin Hobbs
Mulan How
Hailey Jarrett
Oliver Kings
Annika Lounsbury
Caleb Lubbers
Aurelie Ouellette
Jasleen Panchi

Landyn Ronson
Quinlen Ruprai
Ava Russell
Marlo Sedman
Mathew Skrzypek
Morgan Smith
Katelynn Thistle
Annika Wahtras
Isabell White
Scarlett White
Top 8 Finishers
Emma Adams- 1st 25fly, 2nd 100bk, 2nd 50br, 3rd 50fr
Sophie Adams- 3rd 50fly, 4th 50bk, 6th 100br, 7th 100fr
Audrey Appell - 1st 50 bk, 4th 100fr, 5th 100br, 6th 50fly
Isabella Blasdell - 4th 50br, 5th 25 fly, 6th 100bk, 8th 50fr
Emma Brock- 2nd 100bk, 4th 50fr, 4th 25 fly, 5th 50 br
Jennie Brock - 3rd 100bk, 6th 25 fly, 7th 50fr
Branek Cici - 4th 100fr, 4th 25 fly, 8th 50bk, 8th 50br
Sophia Cici - 2nd 25 fly, 4th 50br, 5th 100fr, 6th 50bk
Sophie Correggia - 1st 50br, 2nd 100bk, 3rd 25 fly, 3rd 50fr,
Genevieve Culshaw - 2nd 50fr, 2nd 25 fly, 4th 100bk, 6th 50 br
Annika Dobrocky- 7th 100fr, 8th 50 fly
Hannah Fellinger - 2nd 50bk, 3rd 100fr, 3rd 25 fly, 3rd 50 br,
Emma Fries - 2nd 100fr, 4th 25 fly, 4th 50bk
Sophia Gillis- 1st 50 fly, 2nd 100fr, 4th 100br, 5th 50bk

Jack Gollan - 1st 100bk, 2nd 25 fly, 2nd 50 fr, 5th 50 br
Rowan Goosen - 3rd 50bk, 4th 100fr, 5th 50br
Charlotte Hobbs - 1st 25 fly, 2nd 100bk, 2nd 50fr, 4th 50br
Dustin Hobbs - 1st 100br, 1st 50bk, 1st 50fly, 2nd 100fr
Olivia Hobbs - 1st 100br, 3rd 100fr, 4th 50fly
Mulan How - 3rd 50fly, 4th 100fr, 8th 50bk
Hailey Jarrett - 3rd 100bk, 4th 25fly, 4th 50br, 4th 50 fr
Oliver Kings - 1st 100fr, 2nd 100br, 3rd 50fly, 4th 50bk
Jacob Kreager - 2nd 25 fly, 4th 100fr, 4th 50br, 5th 50bk
Eric Liao - 1st 25 fly, 2nd 100bk, 2nd 50br, 2nd 50fr
Abigail Little - 3rd 25 fly, 3rd 50br, 6th 50fr, 7th 100bk
Annika Lounsbury - 8th 100br, 8th 100fr,
Caleb Lubbers - 1st 100bk, 1st 50 br, 1st 50fr 2nd 25 fly
Ruari Moxham - 2nd 100br, 5th 50fly, 6th 100fr
Aurelie Ouellette - 2nd 100fr, 5th 50bk, 6th 50fly
Jasleen Panchi - 1st 100fr,2nd 50fly, 4th 100br, 4th 50bk
Audrey Pedley - 8th 25 fly
Luke Phillips - 1st 100br, 1st 100fr, 1st 50bk, 1st 50fly
Tyson Richardson - 1st 50br, 3rd 100fr, 3rd 50bk
Landyn Ronson - 1st 100fr, 1st 25 fly, 1st 50fr, 3rd 50br
Quinlen Ruprai - 2nd 100br, 2nd 50 fly, 3rd 50bk
Ava Russell - 5th 100fr, 7th 25 fly, 8th 50 br
Marlo Sedman - 6th 25 fly, 7th 50br, 8th 100fr
Matthew Skrzypek - 1st 100fr, 1st 50bk, 1st 50fly, 2nd 100br
Morgan Smith - 2nd 50fly, 3rd 100br, 3rd 50bk, 5th 100fr

Olivia Svec - 1st 25 fly, 1st 50fr, 2nd 50br
Katelynn Thistle - 5th 50 fly, 6th 100fr, 6th 50bk 7th 100br
Annika Wahtras - 2nd 100br, 3rd 100fr, 5th 50bk, 6th 50fly
Isabell White - 1st 100bk, 2nd 25 fly, 2nd 50fr, 3rd 50 br
Scarlett White - 1st 100bk, 1st 25 fly, 1st 50br, 1st 50fr
Rosie Zammit - 5th 50br, 6th 100fr, 6th 25 fly