Senior News for 5/8/19



May 7, 2019


We are back in the game.  Early into our third week of training and ahead of where I planned to be at this point in the pool.  I have – and I think I can speak for the other coaches here – been very impressed with those swimmers new to the Senior II practices.  It is a significant change from what the swimmers are used to and it takes some time to adjust.  Having made this move in the spring I feel to be the best time to do so and get acclimated to a new type of training.  Makes it easier in the fall and will not be so overwhelming and can then hit the ground running for the short course season.


Since getting back in the pool after Spring Break, we took the time to work with specific stroke drills to enhance stroke technique.  We have also looked to rebuild our base.  It doesn’t matter if a swimmer was out of the water for one week or one month, you still feel to be out of sorts in the water.  Something I am doing for the first four weeks – Monday thru Friday – is the same warm-up so the swimmers can work on skills as well as get loosened up and ready for the day’s training.  Also, as I have been doing for the past number of years is focusing on what needs to be done each practice session and not the overall number of yards.  I have also called an “audible” here and there based on practice size as well as how the swimmers are performing in the practice. 


This is a challenging time in the school year as the end is closing in and staying focused is a challenge.  For the high school student it is AP as well as SAT/ACT testing time as well as one’s regular course load.  Teachers – regardless the grade - are piling on the work, especially if they are behind in their lesson plans.  Let’s add school spring concerts with practices and performance.  More on the plate.  Look to approach what is ahead calmly and methodically. Let swimming be an outlet and not a burden.  Do not let swimming be “the bad guy” but an opportunity to rejuvenate, get some clarity and the approach your homework with a higher level of energy.  Make every effort to attend as many practices as possible and stay in as long as you can.  Make sure you are putting high test fuel into your system.  It is easy to fall prey to simple carbs for their instant and limited energy boost.  Staying hydrated is also important.


SENIOR SPRING INVITATIONAL:  May 10-15 at Wesleyan University

Ø    This is a Water Rat hosted swim meet.  If you have not yet signed up to time or help, please do so ASAP. 

Ø    The meet is not as large as it has been in the past and the sessions are extremely reasonable.  Plenty of time to get a nice meal, rest and do some homework between sessions on Saturday.

Ø    Swimmers will need to provide their own timer for the 1500 on Friday, 400 Free on Saturday as well as the 400IM on Sunday.

Ø    The goal of this meet is to get as much long course racing in as possible.  It is referred to as a “Training Meet.”  Times should not be in the forefront of one’s mind.  Over the course of the weekend, fatigue will definitely come in to play and it is about mentally overcoming and pushing through.

Ø    Team apparel only.  Deck shoes. Water bottle.  Simple and healthy meet snacks.

Meet Times:


On Deck

Meet Starts

Friday PM



Saturday AM



Saturday PM



Sunday AM



Ø    Tentative Session Ending Times – with a buffer:

o     Friday: 715pm

o     Saturday AM: 1210pm

o     Saturday PM: 810pm

o     Sunday AM:1215pm


Order of Events:


Saturday AM

Saturday PM

Sunday AM


200 Freestyle

  50 Freestyle

100 Freestyle


100 Butterfly

200 Backstroke

200 Butterfly


200 Breaststroke

100 Breaststroke

100 Backstroke


200 Ind. Medley

400 Freestyle

400 Ind. Medley




Swimmers are to have the following at every practice session.  The training sox will some time to be delivered so please order as soon as possible. 

Ø    Training Fins:  Preferably from the list below but if you have a long fin, that is fine for now but if the need to get new ones arises, then please make the change.

o     Speedo Switchblade Training Fin

o     Speedo Optimus Training Fin

o     Sporti Training Swim Fin

Ø    Training Paddles:  Below are the preferred ones to get

o     Speedo Power Paddle

o     Strokemaker

Ø    Snorkel : Whichever you prefer

Ø    Kickboard:  Speedo Pull Kick

Ø    NEW  This Year: AquaVolo Drag Sox – Level 45

o     These can only be purchased through the manufacturer.   Click here  to go the link

Ø    Mesh Bag:  To carry equipment.  If swimmers take care of equipment – as in NOT dragging equipment bag – then there would be less broken snorkels.

Ø    Water Bottle:  Swimmers should have water bottles at every practice session.  Hydration helps to flush out the system and with recovery.


CHAMPIONSHIP MEET CRITERIA:   It is important to know, any swimmer intending to swim in the Regional Championships and/or Age Group Championships MUST swim in a CT Swimming SANCTIONED meet.  The Senior Spring Inv this weekend as well as the Chelsea Piers meet in June fall under this umbrella – Greenwich does not.  Also, the meet at Chelsea Piers falls as school and graduations are occurring.  Please make an effort to swim at least one day.  I have already submitted an entry and will be challenged to add more swimmers but will do what we can.  Please let me know ASAP if you have not committed.  Once the final entry is sent in, we will NOT be able to make additions.  Lastly, we are planning on swimming Saturday and Sunday only at that meet.


MINOR ATHLETE ABUSE PREVENTION POLICY (MAAPP):   This is a directive that ALL National Governing Bodies must implement within their sport.  For USA Swimming, this will go into action on June 23RD.  Swimmers one month prior their 18th birthday will receive and email with links to take an online 90 minute course.  Failure to do so prior to turning 18, will result in swimmers being prohibited from swimming.  This is huge and more information is forthcoming.  Click  here  for the letter informing of the MAAPP and  here  for the full booklet of information.  More information will be sent out and made available to the USA Swimming membership.  I wanted to get word out so that no one is blindsided by this information. 


SWIMMERS EMAILS:   Every effort is made to send the Senior News to the swimmers as well as parents.  Please send me your swimmer(s) email so they may be included on the distribution list.  Please share this email with your swimmer(s).



Ø    Saturday, May 11: NO Practice

Ø    Monday, May 13: NO AM – Regular Afternoon