Email from the Age Group Chair

Backstroke Wedges

One of the things discussed in the Board of Directors meeting was backstroke wedges.  The LSC will be helping our championship meet sites purchase backstroke wedges to be used at 13&O state.  As you’re likely aware, USA Swimming requires backstroke wedge certification just as they do forward racing start certification.  In an attempt to help clubs get acquainted with the wedges and certified, Wisconsin Swimming will reimburse each club 50% of the cost of one Finis Start Wedge.  Simply make the purchase, send the receipt to Pat Lewno, and she’ll cut a check to the club for half.  You can purchase the wedge at Finis here , or ever-so-slightly-cheaper at Amazon .


Win & You’re In

One of the things we’ll be starting at February Regionals 2020 is a “win and you’re in” program.  For 10&Under and 11-12 events, the swimmer that wins each individual event at Regionals automatically qualifies for 12&U state in that event, regardless of their qualifying time.  We’re hoping this will bring an extra excitement to the mornings at Regionals and expand the field at 12&U state.


Coach Empowerment Survey

We featured some of the data obtained from coach surveys at the LSC House of Delegates meeting.  However, I wanted to make the data a bit more usable, so I’ve put on the LSC website all the information obtained in an overview, and then filtered by club size and governance style.   You can find all that information here .  Thanks to everyone that took the time to answer.

Coaches Forum

This Tuesday will be the next scheduled Coaches Forum meeting.  It’ll start at 9:30a at Aurora Medical Center in Oconomowoc in the Gifford Room.  All are welcome to attend.


Open Water Zones Open

Registration for Open Water Zones has begun.  It only requires an “A” cut in a distance event to be part of Team Wisconsin.   Find registration here :

Mid States Coaching Opportunity

If you or one of your coaches is interested in being a part of Team Wisconsin at the Mid States All Star Meet in Indianapolis on January 4-5, 2020, simply fill out the application here .  We’ll sift through applications and will announce the coaching staff in September.