Letter to HOD from General Chair
To the House of Delegates of the South Texas LSC,
Since the last HOD meeting the board of directors have been been working diligently on the mandatory bylaws update inherited from USA swimming. This bylaws change must be in place by January 2020 at the very latest. For South Texas that means we must have the new bylaws in place prior to our House of Delegates (HOD) meeting on October 5th. While about 85% of the new bylaws handed down to all LSCs in the USA are non-negotiable, the other 15% required choosing between options A or B or filling in the blanks. It does not sound like much, but that 15% actually required a great deal of attention.
Your, elected to represent you, board has spent a big part of each meeting in November, December, January, February, March and April reviewing and discussing the best course of action for that 15%. We are at a point of review for the coming meeting May 14 to finalize our best efforts to fairly represent all of the South Texas LSC while adhering to the mandatory changes. While not perfect, I believe the board has done a very good job representing you over these last seven months. However, if you want more information, I ask that you to go online and review all the prior board minutes, or ask your closest board member, or at the very least trust the fact that I am informing you of all the not easily scene work that has been done on your behalf.
After the May meeting the plan is to send both USA swimming and the HOD a copy of the new bylaws for review and approval. We need approval from both USA swimming and the HOD. Because of the mandatory bylaws change we also have to update the South Texas Policies and Procedures (P&P) but the bylaws have to be done first.
For the sake of simplification think of bylaws as general overall guidelines and policies and procedures as the day-to-day (unique to our South Texas LSC) operating instructions.  
The goal is to have the new bylaws and the P&P in place by October 5th.  
The alternative to our current course of action is to call additional in person HOD meetings. The logistical nightmare of finding additional meeting dates and the expense of time and money for all, leads me to ask you to take the time to read through the bylaws once they are sent to you and then vote for an approval to go into effect at midnight October 5th. In this way, the new system will only be in effect a few hours prior to our annual meeting. 
We will need to repeat the process with the P&P. 
In this way you will already be informed and any proposals presented at our HOD meeting on October 5th will apply to our new, streamlined bylaws and policies and procedures.
Thank you for your time,
Chris Kjeldsen
ST-General Chair