Summer Practice Update


Just an update regarding the Summer 2019 Schedule:

Since Twin Oaks is under construction the PL CE has moved their lessons to Hidden Oaks, Kenwood is also planning to be under construction (for some period of time) and as a result there is limited pool space in Lakeville as well.

1.  We have been granted pool time at the Shakopee pools and we will be able to use them both!  This is a dramatic improvement from the HO facility that we were going to have to share with PL Swim Lessons in the afternoons. 

2.  Kenwood is still not certain the timeframe that it will be closed.  We are hopeful that we can use this pool for a period.  There will be some manipulation of the LV schedule depending on what pools we can use.  We have been promised to know the answer to the Kenwood pool situation by the end of next week.  

3.  We will have more than enough opportunities for you to get into the water.  As a result of the many options we will be creating a preferred and secondary practice schedule.  We realize that many of you are not able to travel very far and that is why secondary options will be made available.  Our goal with the primary schedule is to get most of the group to train together and allow for other options on dates that are not manageable for your family. 

Thank you for your patience and know that as of today the only variable that is not certain is the LV pools.  I am updating the schedules to reflect what our schedules will be in the other pools, those may have slight manipulations, but for 95% it will remain the same. 



Phil Smith