This weekend is the 2019 May Mania Meet on May 17th-19th at the Rec Plex hosted by us.
RecPlex Aqua Arena, 9900 Terwall Terrace, Pleasant Prairie WI 53158
Please make sure that you read this entire email and remember that we need all of the families help to make this meet a success.
Parking and Pool
  • Watch the signs as you drive down Terrwall for event parking. It is a little bit of a walk, so you may want to drop your swimmer off at the gate in the main parking lot and then go park.
  • The pool is the part of the building closest to the lake on the West side of the building.
Warm-ups and Coaches
  • Swimmers should arrive and be ready to go 15 min. prior to the start of the warm-ups.
  • Swimmers must wear the team suit and team cap for the meet. (Coaches will have team caps for sale for $10 for anyone that needs one).
  • Friday PM Session - All Ages - WU 4:30pm / Start 5:30pm (This is the correct time. The weekly update was incorrect).
  • Sat. and Sun. AM Session - 13 & Over - Warm-ups 8:00am / Start 9:00am
  • Sat. and Sun. PM Sessions—12 & unders—Warm-ups 1:00pm / Start 2:00pm
  • All of the Coaches will be working this weekend.
  •  This week at practice Coaches will be discussing with swimmers the following:
We will be doing chase starts for the entire meet (with the exception of the 50’s).
  • Click here for a pdf for Understanding Chase Starts
  • Odd Heats will start from the Lake side of the pool.
  • Even heats will start from the Waterpark side of the pool.
  • All 50’s will start from the Waterpark side of the pool.
1500 Freestyle
  • All swimmers must provide their own timers and counters.
  • There will be a warm-up lane in the waterpark on Friday night.
  • We will be swimming all heats.
  • We will seed fastest to slowest with the fastest heat swimming first.
  • Right now there are 31 swimmers and we usually get scratches so I am assuming we will get at least 1 (3 heats) so the first heat (10 fastest swimmers) will swim 1 in a lane. The remaining 20 swimmers will swim side by side. The second heat will start from the water park end of the pool using chase starts as listed above and that swimmer will stay on the scoreboard side of their lane. The third (final heat) will be started  from the Lake side of the pool when the last swimmer in heat 2 has completed 80 meters. Swimmers in heat 3 must swim on the spectator stands side of their lane.
  • We will remind the swimmers prior to the start of the second and third heats.
Additional Information for the meet
  • The facility does not allow folding chairs in the stands, but swimmers can bring them on deck to sit on instead of the bleachers. 
  • Swimmers should bring activities to do during the meet, but please remember to pay attention so that you don't miss your events. 
  • There is a concession stand, but the coaches recommend packing healthy snacks for your swimmers to eat. 
  • No Parents are allowed in the locker rooms at anytime.
  • Swimmers should only change in the locker rooms and not in the public bathrooms. (Reminder that no cell phones or recording devices are allowed in the locker rooms.
  • Admissions is being charged to the team, so no need to bring extra cash with you. (Bring family to watch at no additional cost.)

If you are going to be late or are not going to be at the meet, please text Coach Karin (847-508-7982) or Coach Chris (847-204-6997).