Bry and Hallory last ones standing in WAVE MayFly Skins

I normally get this out earlier, but we got the meet file today.


ASC’s Bryanna Bellile and Hallory Domnick were the last two standing in the WAVE Mayfly invite’s marquee event, the 50 Fly Austrailian Skins, last Saturday.  Kate Schmoll, qualifying 8th, also made it through the first wave of cuts.  In the Austrailian skins format, 8 finalists swim, and after the first heat, 2 are eliminated, then two more the next heat, then one eliminated from 4 to 3 to 2 to the eventual winner.  Last year, Bryanna and Hallory made it into the skins event, and Bryanna was second.  This year, Bryanna was first and Hallory was second.  Sienna Nitke was the first alternate.


In qualifying for the finals Friday night, Bryanna also tied a team record in the 13-14 girls 50 Fly.  Bryanna also scored the girls 13-14 and Senior team record in the 400 IM on Friday night, with Hallory also improving on her 15-18 girls team record in the 400 IM.


Friday night was also a good night for state cuts as Maia Smet earned her first one in the 500 FR, which will be a 400 meter FR this summer.  Anthony Hendrickson also qualified for his second event, the 400 IM in his first time ever racing that event.  Bryanna also newly qualified for the 400 IM in her first time racing that event in a few years.


Overall, ASC improved 48 of 99 events, for 48% best times.  Only 2 DQ’s at this meet and only one new swim, which means most of those who entered this meet have done these events before.  As we become a more older and experienced team, the number of DQ’s and new swims decreases, and a higher number of senior and high school aged swimmers normally means best times are harder to come by as they might have season best times but not yet surpass their championship times from the prior season.


Our next meet is at Howard in early June, and there is still time to sign up for that meet.  The rest of our summer is:


May 31-June 2  Howard.  This is our last meet for those enrolled as Spring only.  If you wish to continue, you can extend the membership through the summer.


June 7-8 Shorewood at Schroeder  Entries are closed for this one

June 15-16 Fox Cities Y Classic at Erb Park  Entries due May 30th

June 28-30 Western Great Lakes Open  Entries closed

July 5-7 Birdbath at Erb Park Entries closed, but contact us coaches if you are interested, we might ask nicely and be able to get you in.

July 13th Merrill if we have enough interest.  It is an outdoor short course meet in Merrill.  This team supports us at our meets often.  However, if we don’t have enough interest in this meet, we will not go to it.  A good meet for our younger swimmers.


And our championship season starts with

July 19-21 Long Course Regionals at Brown Deer, which is the last meet of the “regular season”.  Unless qualified for State or Zones, the Summer season ends here.

July 26-28 Long Course 12 & U State Meet at Pleasant Prairie

August 1-4 Long Course 13 & O State Meet at Brown Deer and Zones at Pleasant Prairie


Our New and Improved List:

Charles Ambrosius improved 100 BK, 100 Fly, 100 BR, 50 and 500 FR

Maddie Baeten improved 100 BK, 100 Fly

Bryanna Bellile improved 50 Fly, 400 IM

Elodie Beno swam a new 100 IM and improved 25 FR and 25 BR

Parker Bohm improved 500 FR, 100 BK, 50 FR

Isaiah Clayton improved 50 BK, 50 FR, 100 IM

Neveah Clayton improved 100 BR

Hallory Domnick improved 50 Fly, 100 BR and 400 IM

Anthony Hendrickson swam a new 400 IM and improved 50 Fly

Andrew Hodek improved 200 IM

Jackson Hodek improved 100 Fly, 100 BR, 50 Fly, 50 FR

Nick Hodek improved 200 IM

Kayla Jacquette improved 50 FR

Peyton Mader was on her times, which is good as she missed some practices

Sienna Nitke improved 400 IM and 50 Fly

Adrienne Rice swam a new 100 IM and improved 50 BK and 50 FR

Aila Rice improved 50 BR and 50 FR

Ryan Ruhland improved 100 Fly and 50 FR

Kara Schmoll improved 200 IM

Kate Schmoll improved 200 IM

Matt Schmoll improved 50 Fly and 50 FR

Maia Smet improved 100 BR, 100 Fly and 500 FR

Alex Smits improved 50 Fly

Barrett Van Laanen improved 50 BR, 50 Fly and 100 IM

Nolan Walter improved 50 BK, 50 BR and 50 FR


State Championship eligibility list

Those with the asterisk * are currently listed as Spring only and would need to register for the summer to be able to race at State.

10 & U Girls

Kara Schmoll*

Katelyn Seder

Charlotte McNicoll


10 & U Boys

Nick Hodek*

Thomas McNicoll

Parker Bohm


11-12 Girls

Erin Schuch

Maia Smet

Kate Schmoll


11-12 Boys

Ryan Jadin

Anthony Hendrickson


13-14 Girls

Bryanna Bellile

Sienna Nitke


13-14 Boys

Matthew Schmoll


15 & O Girls

Jocelyn McNicoll

Hallory Domnick


15 & O Boys

Nick Messamore

Jackson Hodek