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WAVE 10&Under Swimmer Button Time Standard Recognition Program!

Special Thank You to the Jahn and Warner Families for Implementing our 10&Under Swimmer Button Time Standard Recognition Program! Read more about it below:


Hello WAVE parents and swimmers,

For 2019 we will be implementing a new recognition tool for our 10 and under swimmers. You will begin to see buttons in your swimmers file folders on the pool deck. We encourage you to celebrate each new button they receive as it represents a new time standard they have achieved. These buttons can be worn on their swim bags/backpacks, on hats, or maybe displayed at home with their race ribbons.

Once we get into our season of dual meets through conference championships, each swimmer will be participating in many competitions. There is the competition against their fellow swimmers in their heats, as well as the team competition against the other swim teams. One of the most important competitions however is against their own personal best times. Our coaches strive to see continuous improvement over the course of the season, and we want to be able to celebrate when our athletes achieve a new milestone.

In our pre-season meeting you heard how we will have a “personal best” board at each meet where swimmers get to sign their name for a new PB. Every new best time is a reason to celebrate, no matter where each swimmer may have placed in their heat. The buttons are another reason to celebrate as they not only achieved a new personal best, but surpassed a time standard hurdle as well.

These buttons are based upon time standards established by the coaches. Every time they achieve a new time standard, they will receive the next color of button. You can view time standards by logging on to our team site > Practice/Meets > Wave Time Standards.

Meet of Champions (MOC):

Many newer parents may not be familiar with our Meet of Champions or “MOC” meet that will be held on August 3rd-4th this year. One of the biggest milestones that a Wave swimmer can achieve is a MOC qualifying time. When swimmers achieve a MOC time they are automatically eligible to participate in our 2019 Meet of Champions where they will represent Wave as we swim against the top swimmers from all over Northern California. MOC times can also be found by logging into our team site > Practice/Meets > Meet of Champions > MOC qualifying time.