IMPORTANT: Volunteers Still Needed!!

 Good morning GRSC Swimmers and Parents,

We are still looking for volunteers in order to run our Summer Invitational this weekend. 

As of right now, we will not be able to start the Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, or Sunday afternoon session on time. We CANNOT even begin the session without two timers per lane. If you have a swimmer racing on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, or Sunday afternoon, it is imperative that someone in your family act as a volunteer for us to complete the meet. We cannot rely on only a handful of families to volunteer in every single session.

Gulliver Swim Club alone has 134 athletes participating in this event. We should be more than capable of providing all the volunteer help required to run the meet. Please register online TODAY to help your children have a fun, positive, timely experience at our own home meet!

All the best,

Your GRSC Coaches