Lake Forest and Mundelein Meet Wrap Ups
Hello Dolphin Famlies!
We’ve have an exciting start of the season.  This week we had the Midseason Swimmers start so you may have noticed some new (and returning) faces in the pool.  
We’ve also attended two meets, the Lake Forest Daniel Jaekel Friendship Classic and the Mundelein Mustang Bring on the Heat, both held at Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.  
We had eight swimmers compete in 1 relay race and 35 individual races at the Lake Forest Swim Meet.  Jack Harper, Tessa Jones, Nathan Kinter and Alexander Sadowski all competed in new events. Tessa Jones received Regional times in the 100 and 200 Breast.  Nathan Kinter received regional times in the 50 and 100 Free. Alexander Sadowski recieved three regional times in the 100 Free, 50 Breast and the 100 Back.  While we had 21 races that were personal bests, our biggest drop of the weekend was Haley Halsall, who dropped 23.49 seconds off her 800 Freestyle. Other big drops include Addison Liput dropped 10.92 seconds in her 200 IM and Isabelle Halsall who dropped 9.38 seconds on her 50 Back!  Way to go Swimmers!
We had eight swimmers swim in 37 races at the Mundelein Mustang Swim Meet. Tessa Jones, Nathan Kinter, Addison Liput and Alexander Sadowski all swam in new events.  Andrea Avila made regional cuts in her 200 IM and 50 Freestyle. Haley Halsall received a regional time in her 100 free. And, Alexander Sadowski received another 5 regional cuts!  In addition, Haley Halsall and Tessa Jones each recieved state cuts -- Haley on her 400 Freestyle and Tessa with her 400 IM! Addison Liput had another big drop of 17.25 seconds off of her 100 Fly!  Woohoo!
We have a break from swim meets for a couple weeks.  The Dundee Pentathlon is Saturday, June 1st. The next Tuesday, our NCISC meets begin -- with the Huntley Stingrays.  We will follow up with two home meets. Job SignUp information will be coming out shortly.
Thank you,
Coach Sharon