KSC Recognized as Silver Medal Club

Kamehameha Swim Club was recognized as a silver level team in USA Swimming’s 2019 Club Excellence program!

USA Swimming established the Club Excellence Program to recognize the top 200 outstanding clubs for their commitment to performance excellence. Club rankings are based on the FINA Points Table, a power point rating system that assigns point values to swimming performances.

Clubs may qualify for one of three levels of recognition:

  • Gold: The top 20 highest ranked (point scoring) clubs. At least one 18 & under athlete from the club must achieve a Gold time standard.
  • Silver: The top 100 highest ranked clubs (excluding Gold status clubs).  At least one 18 & under athlete must achieve the Silver time standard.
  • Bronze: The top 200 highest ranked clubs (excluding Gold and Silver status clubs).  At least one 18 & Under athlete must achieve the Bronze time standard.

KSC earned their recognition by qualifying swimmers in the silver time standard and by ranking within the top 100 out of 3,000 USA Swimming teams.

Congratulations to our awesome swimmers for earning this great achievement!