Important Updates, Meet and Triathlon Recaps

Hello EMAC

We have several updates that we need to communicate. 

In this email/news bulletin, we will be covering:

  • Moving practices outdoors
  • Seip Challenge
  • Retainer/Workshop Wednesday Group
  • GPAC and All-American Classic Recap
  • Coaching Updates
  • Triathlon Group:  Tough Kids Philly Recap

Moving Practices Outdoors

We will be moving practices outdoors soon.  We utilize Emmaus Community Park Pool for our LC training and for the Seip Challenge.   Community had to repaint their pool following staining that occurred due to flooding.  They are filling the pool on Thursday, which will leave the temp chilly.  We will utilize our outdoor pool in the meantime for outdoor practices.  A separate email will be sent regarding exactly when that will occur.  Younger swimmers do better in warmer temps, so we may have a schedule where our Killer Bees group goes outside sooner than our other groups.  Look for an email shortly regarding moving outdoors.  Read below for information on the Seip Challenge.

Seip Challenge

The Seip Challenge is a long-standing EMAC tradition that was restored last year.  We celebrate the start of our summer and our Long Course training by doing a quick splash at Community Park Pool early on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27.  Check-in, which will include signing a waiver, will occur at 7:30 am.  HS-aged athletes will use the locker rooms until 7:45 am, at which time we will invite our adult participants to change.  

Water temps will be chilly this year as the pool will be filled only days before.  

HERE is the job signup for those who want to help.

See Flyer HERE

Retainer Group and Workshop Wednesday

As an attempt to continue to educate our membership about current and future team dynamics, we have tackled this subject several times.   In the Fall, we are expecting to have more inquiries than we have room to serve.  As an organization, we have the responsibility to be both fair and financially prudent as a service to our membership.   If swimmers do not participate in a summer program with EMAC, they must re-inquire for the Fall season.  We will allocate our team slots to our inquiring members based on a combination of factors such as:

  • School District In Which Family Resides
  • Degree to Which Parents are Willing to Volunteer
  • Degree to Which Swimmers Will Help EMAC Reach Team Goals
    • Please note that this does NOT mean that the fastest swimmers will be prioritized
    • A developing swimmer committed to our team process is more valuable than a faster swimmer who is not committed to our team process
  • Degree to Which Swimmer Meets Minimum Group Ability Levels
  • Degree to Which Adding Family Helps EMAC Serve Its Membership and Fulfill our Mission

We realize that not all swimmers are going to swim with us over the summer and that it may be stressful to not know whether those swimmers will have a spot on the team come Fall.  So, for the first time, we are offering a “Retainer Group” only for EPSD athletes ages 12 and younger who want to take a break from EMAC June-August and want to know that they will have a spot in the Fall.    Swimmers simply sign up for the Retainer Group, which is $50 per month in June, July, and August. 

During Fall Registration, we will first offer spots to “continuing” EMAC swimmers, swimmers who are enrolled in a summer group.  Next, we will allot our available spots to swimmers on the inquiry list who best fit the above factors. The retainer group swimmers will be allowed to register for our Fall/Winter season with the “continuing” swimmers. 

We are also offering a “Workshop Wednesday” group for all 8&U swimmers and the Retainer group. This group will practice on Wednesdays from June 5 through August 20th.  They will be focusing on maintaining technique through the summer league season.   Please note that we may move that June 5th practice indoors to EHS based on the water temp at EMAC.

Registration for the Retainer Group and Workshop Wednesdays is up and live on our website.  Click HERE to register for Workshop Wednesdays.  If you have questions regarding whether your swimmer should register, please email Coach Seth at

GPAC and All-American LC Classic Recap

GPAC Results

All-American LC Classic Results

Here are a few notes from Coach Doug on our performance at our first two meets. 

The times as they relate to best times are scattered.  Some amazing, some not-so-much.  The goal in these early season meets, though, is to begin getting your Long Course reps in.  Many swimmers who did not have fastest times had swims that were faster than their times from last May, which is a perfect start.  Another perfect start came from the following swimmers who swam their first-ever Long Course meets in either the GPAC or All-American meets:

  • Elizabeth Abromovich
  • Amelia Baldwin
  • Brianna Carvalho
  • Sarah Chaffier
  • Julia Cort
  • Ryan DeJohn
  • Liliana Dupuis
  • Sam Dupuis
  • Gio Germano
  • Payton Goodreau
  • Logan Hartman
  • Alexis Hoyer
  • Sophia Hoyer
  • Sam Jackson
  • Gloria Klees
  • Addison Kucera
  • Sara Mazzetti
  • Devin Metzger
  • Seth Metzger
  • Emma Osher
  • Emme Pechulis
  • Sam Pechulis
  • Nate Peters
  • Druthi Reddy
  • Logan Shriver
  • Olivia Timmins
  • Elizabeth Vezenov
  • Zoe Vezenov

Coaching Updates

We have four updates on coaches.

Coach Lauren Dunleavy

Coach Lauren and her husband will be relocating back home to Erie, PA, shortly.   Coach Lauren has been a staple of EMAC swimming for several years serving as a valued coach, as consistency through transition years, and recently as our team’s social media coordinator.  We will miss Coach Lauren, but we support such an awesome event in her life as she moves back home.  Please reach out to her at if you wish to thank her for her time and her involvement with our swimmers. 

Coach Nate Luey

Coach Nate, a rising Junior at Clarion University, has again joined our staff for the summer.  He will be working with all groups in varying capacities.  Coach Nate is considering coaching as a career, and he will play a key role in helping us differentiate training for our Long Course groups.    

Coach Omar Mohammed

A previous swimmer and clinician for BLUE Eagle, Omar is attending college locally and has a desire to coach swimming.  At BLUE Omar was one of the most trusted and most valued clinicians at the annual “Swim For Your School” clinic in which senior athletes introduced the sport of swimming to elementary school athletes. 

Omar will be working primarily with the Bees and Wasps groups. 

Coach Jason Reinhard

Coach Jason is a Parkland HS graduate and current PHS team record holder in the 100 BK and 200 Med-Relay.  He works locally and lives in East Penn School District with his wife and two children.  Jason previously worked with EMAC, Emmaus HS, BLUE Eagle, and Nazareth High School.   Jason will be returning to EMAC for the Fall/Winter season to serve as the Director of our 8&U program.  Bringing Jason on to oversee this group is a major step for EMAC in addressing what we think is a need to improve our service for 8&U swimmers.  Jason will also be assisting with our Wasp Group several days per week. 

Tough Kids Philly Triathlon Recap

Our triathlon team had their first race of the season on Saturday at French Creek.   This team is quickly establishing themselves as an incredibly positive dynamic within EMAC.  The athletes wasted no time in putting up big performances and setting the example of how teamwork should be done.

The following athletes competed in the Tough Kids Philly Triathlon (swimming portion cancelled due to water level)

Andersen Borst, Marcelo Castilla, Sarah Chaffier, Dougie Cornish, Jack Duerholz, Abby Larussa, Evan Larussa, Jackson Larussa, Graham Lovett, Reid Lovett,  Jared Petre, Kaavya Rao

 Second Place Finishers:

  • Andersen Borst, Kaavya Rao, Delaney Varga

Third Place Finishers:

  • Marcelo Castilla, Sarah Chaffier, Abby Larussa, Graham Lovett

The performances were awesome, but they were second-place to what happened at the end of the race.  One of our team members had an ongoing and recurring sickness for two weeks headed into the race.  This athlete opted to try to race.  After struggling during the race, the entire team ran the last lap with this athlete, encouraging him all the way to the finish line.  I wasn’t there, but all reports validated that this was the kind of experience that you hope your members will have as a result of their participation with your organization.  It was a proud day for our coaches and a superb day for our athletes and families.  Look out, everyone… Tri EMAC is already doing big things!!!