ISI Pool Plunge

Illinois Swimming Pool Plunge provides an opportunity for athletes to challenge themselves in longer events, offered in the pool and at Open Water Competitions, as well as having fun and building pride in identifying as a distance swimmer.

The objectives of the Pool Plunge are to 

  • Provide opportunities for athletes to explore the wonderful world of Open Water in a controlled environment.
  • Provide a competitive challenge for experienced swimmers
  • To encourage further participation in both open water and distance events. 

All registered USA and Illinois Swimming athletes were eligible to compete in any or all the following distances; 5K, 3K and 1K. All athletes will receive a cap. The top 3 finishes in the 5K and 3K men and women received a ISI Pool Plunge award.

SCST Swimmers Competiting in the 1K 

  • Girls - Margie Hirner (5th), Lauren Slater (6th), Annabelle Kuhn (8th), Elin Forman (11th), Liliana Englehart (14th), Ava Siotropos (15th), Caroline Supple (16th), Grace Phillips (17th), Celine Peterson (18th), Martina Dobek (21st), Sofia Sauer (23rd), Charlotte Supple (25th), Lyla Fraehsdorf (28th), Oliva Ciemiega (29th), Julia Kremer (30th), Thea Bike (31st), Natalie Ernst (35th), Mia Obrien (38th), Rylee Huddlestone (41st) and Carly Coxworth (43rd).
  • Boys - Matthew Kremer (2nd), Matt Lemke (3rd), Thomas McMIllan (5th), Landyn Kruse (6th), Brady Jordan (8th), Clancy Windle (9th), Collin Beu (10th), Garrett Mruk (14th) and Cooper Brown (17th)

SCST Swimmers Competiting in the 3K

  • Girls - Victoria Zielinski (1st), Tess Stavropoulos (2nd), Mikayla Kellett (3rd), Izzy Beu (4th), Kate Lewandowski (5th), Maddie Hubbuch (12th), Gianna Messina (13th), Ella Mruk (15th), Leanna Swenson (16th), Norah Rooney (19th), Abigail Nogueira (23rd) and Lulu Wolff (25th)
  • Boys - Chris Souk (1st), Ben Stevens (2nd), Will Dutmeyer (3rd), Tiernan O'Donnell (12th), Albert Coric (18th) and Noah Moose-Lopez (19th)

Congratulations SCST Swimmers!