OFC Pool Closure

Dear OTAC Parents and Swimmers, 

On Friday OTAC received confirmation that, as of July 1, the Orem Fitness Center will be closing its pool until next spring so that the first phase of renovations (those that affect access to and functionality of the pool area) can be completed. 

We have made arrangements for extra access to SCERA pool water for the rest of the summer and into the early months of fall (for as long as the weather allows - at least through October). So, other than changing practice arrangements in July and August, this closure announcement should not restrict the team's summer operations.

We are also working very hard to secure access to indoor pool lanes from recreation centers through Utah County for the winter months so that the team can continue to function until the OFC pool reopens. However, given the numbers of high schools and other clubs that already have existing arrangements with these facilities, we are unsure what additional access OTAC will be able to secure. We expect that whatever water access we do secure will require additional travel and irregular scheduling.

Please know that the Board and the coaches are doing all they can to secure arrangements that will allow the team to continue full time operations. If any of you have any ideas, suggestions, or contacts that you can pass our way, please contact Aaron Harris via email at otacboardpres@gmail.com. The Board will continue to provide updates as we are able to confirm additional arrangements.

We understand that Orem City's decision to close the indoor pool facilities for approximately 8 months will cause a great deal of uncertainty and volatility for our members over the next year. We also understand the concern that uncertainty and volatility will undoubtedly (and justifiably) cause with our swimmers and swim families. Our goal is to find lanes and water to keep your swimmers active and improving throughout the next year and to maintain OTAC's identity as a team.

We appreciate your support and patience as we look for solutions.


The OTAC Board