Awesome job to our Knights who participated at our PASS meet this past Sunday! Thank you to the volunteers for helping out and to the mother’s who are always there to support their swimmers, even on Mother's day! We love our moms!


The meet started off with some eye catching swims in the 100IM and 200IM. Dale had crazy fast armsin his backstroke length of 100IM while Amira and Nadiya started the race off beautifully with awesome dives! Kiefer stood out to the coaches when he moved his arms and legs at maximum speed during freestyle. Marykris rocked her underwater streamlines. Edward impressed the entire pool with his effort during the entire race. Arnold stood out during the breaststroke of his race and caught all the eyes of the coaches who were watching, great job! A big congratulations to our newest LMR qualifiers: Marykris, Edward, Matthew, Tyler, and Kiefer!

Our swimmers then raced very well in the 50m stroke events: 50m backstroke, 50m breaststroke, and 50m butterfly. Daniel and Neo were racing side by side during 50m backstroke and determined to beat each other. Kristy’s arms were moving at the speed of light in her race as well! Marykris had an amazing underwater pullout in her 50m breaststroke - it was evident she worked very hard to master it. Damian and Matthew both impressed the coaches with their butterfly technique in the 50m butterfly, well done!

Our last races of the day were 100 and 200 freestyle! An important thing to think about for races longer than 50m is spreading your effort wisely. We saw almost all the swimmers spread their effort very wisely. Ethan, Inder, and Mark raced their hardest to see who would touch the wall first. It was a tough battle between Michael and Ishan and an exciting one to watch too - their arms were moving so fast it was hard to see when they took a breathe! Puneet, George, and Roy were all outstanding and the coaches could tell they were in it to win it. Good work to everyone!


Congratulations to our Skittle’s Cup winners Kiefer and Marykris!

Notable mentions included Hunar, Yuhna, Edward, Matthew, Damian, and Tyler.