May Board Meeting Minutes



Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 6:04 by president, Nathan Hehr.  Nathan Hehr, Lisa Cole, Jon Buseman, Yvonne Degraw, Eric Follmuth, Amy Halverson, Sara Korthals, Aggi Lien, Matt Murray, and were present.


Report from NIS/Coaching Update – Miranda is finished with her lifeguarding class and is not waiting to get it sent over and set up.  Ally is willing to help coach this summer.  Matt will get in contact with her.  Matt will follow up with Jeremy to check that the YMCA is scheduled for the summer.

Treasurers Report – The savings account has $10,121.38.  There is $10,792.57 in checking.  We have since paid for the YMCA banner and our sanctioning fees.  We received another donation from Ben Newell’s aunt.  Amy made a motion to approve the report with a second from Matt.

Secretary Report – Not available

Home Meet – Eric found out the we are unable to have two 12 & Under sessions on the same day.  Because of this rule, Saturday afternoon will be all “Open” events.  Eric knows that Blast, LMST, ACAC, and ICE will all be sending some swimmers.  The meet referee is currently looking for officials.  Eric didn’t have the opportunity to meet with Jon because he received the information on a Sunday.  He needed to get it out quickly.  We will have a banner with meet sponsors on it since we will only have a digital program.  Yvonne got the plates and registration for the trailer which is currently at Blast.  We will need eight starting blocks from them.  We are able to use the pool at 1:00 on Friday.  Warm ups will begin at 5:00.  Eric is going to ask Marie to be our AO for the meet.  The volunteer sign ups will need a few adjustments made, and then Yvonne will email it.  Saturday morning warm ups will be at 7:30.  Eric will check with Mike on the whereabouts of the stop watches.  Nathan took care of arranging tables and chairs.  Yvonne will take care of the concessions, and Nathan will take care of hospitality. 

Swimming Safe Sport – The new policy addresses a variety of items and puts specific rules with them.  All athletes 18 & older need to complete the training.  Athletes will receive three emails with instructions.  The board needs to make it clear when we put the policy on the site of what constitutes and adult.  We will create a “Safe Sport” tab on the website.  Jon will work on writing the policy for approval at the next board meeting. 

Update on GoDaddy – Nathan and Eric met, and the site is working now.  Nathan paid for the $99 renewal. 

Results of School Board Meeting on new pool  - There was fantastic support for the pool at the meeting.  There was support for both high school and club swimming.  The board chose the architect for the new pool and auxiliary gym.  Moving forward, all of the people that want this to happen will come together to help the architect with a plan.

Co-hosting 2020 Long Course Championships – Matt will send another email because he thinks he sent his last email to Jaime’s old address. 

Swim-a-Thon – Sara sent an email, and Amy will send it out to club members.    

Banquet/Pool Party/Campout – The campout is scheduled for Saturday night of the home swim meet.  The banquet and annual meeting will be in August sometime. 

Summer Fundraisers – Our next Culver’s fundraising day will be June 18th

Next Board Meeting – The next meeting will be held on June 18th at 6:00 at the YMCA.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Amy Halverson