Glenwood Diving: Calling All Divers! Registration and Early Notes


Calling All Tiger Divers!
It's here! We are a week out from kicking off the Glenwood Diving season, starting on TUESDAY, May 28th (yes – the potluck)! With that long winter behind us, we had plenty of time to plan for the great season ahead! Our coaches are ready to roll, our schedule is booked, and we have new boards! Looking to the week ahead, here are a few key things for you to know:
  1. REGISTRATION: Team Unify is open! Make our day and register right away! Even if your end of year school schedule is doubled up with early season practice, let us know you’re in and take a few minutes to register.  You’ll see the button on the right hand side of the Glenwood Diving homepage. The earlier we have returning and new divers in the system the sooner we can get key prep work completed.
  2. PRACTICE TIMES THROUGH JUNE 15: Beginning Wednesday, May 29th, there are 3 practice times, all of which are open age groups. Divers should pick the one that works best for end of school schedules. Times are coordinated with swim practices so that swimmers and divers can make both practices. Check the PRACTICES tab on the website for times.
  3. GLENWOOD DIVE SHAMMIES: We have a great new sportswear item, customized for the team! Don't miss out on a Glenwood Tigers tie-dye shammy! Divers are known for their shammies, and these are going to be the most awesome ones out there (bonus - shammies are great for parents to keep cool too!). We will have them available at the potluck or in the first week. Our stock is limited, so plan to grab yours early!
  4. SEASON SCHEDULE: We have 6 great meets in our schedule. There are 5 Sunday afternoon meets (4:00pm start times) and either Robin Hood (July 19) or Divisionals (July 21 and hosted by Glenwood)! Our season banquet is July 22 and is a special evening to celebrate each of our divers! Add these dates to your calendar!
  5. OFFICIALS CLINICS: One of the best ways to get to know diving is by taking an Official’s Clinic. In 2 hours you’ll learn the ins and outs of summer diving and be certified to officiate. This is so important to us; we can’t hold meets without officials, so we count on a roster of parents certified to judge! Clinics are just 2 hours, are held several times in the early weeks, and pre-registration is not required – just show up! Check out the EVENTS tab on the Team website for all the details and dates. Current judges, some of you have expired certifications - we are following up with reminders so that you can re-certify ahead of our early meets!
Signing off for now, with much more to come!
Go Tiger Divers!
(PS; apologies if our list has gotten dated, we are working to build the curent 2019 list - and we miss you!)