Boise Spring Fling

Thanks to all the swimmers who made the trek to Boise for our second annual Spring Fling invitational, the first 50 meter meet of the season. Just over 30 swimmers traveled by bus and helped make it a true team trip; the kids did a great job supporting each other during the meet and represented CAST very well. Some of the highlights from the weekend:

      Maggie Sobek won 4 events en route to the 8 and under high point trophy, and dropped gobs of time in all 5 of her races. Logan Robillard and Gabby Garasky were second place in the high point race in the 13-14 category for men and women respectively; Gabby notched 5 best times and made top-10 performer time in the 100 and 200 butterflies as well as the 400 IM. Logan won a trio of races en route to his runner up performance in his last meet as a 14 year old. 
      We had several first time competitors in a 50 meter pool; Sam Curtis raced incredibly well in the 8 and under division, highlighted by placing 3rd with a fantastic 50 breaststroke. Kellan Clarke placed top 16 in 3 different races, and stepped up big time on the 400 free relay on Sunday. Ashley Linford completed four challenging races, and at just 7 years old had one of the most beautiful 50 breaststrokes you'll see from someone this young, and she finished 7th in it!  Abby Quigley has been training hard since undergoing ankle surgery, and it showed! Abby finished 10th in the 50 back, tops in her 5 races as she gets back into the swing of competition. Camryn Schmidt continues to impress, with all 7 of her races finishing in the top 9 while still at the lower end of the 11-12 age group-Camryn's fly and free are record-breaking quality, as seen by her 2nd place finish in the 400 free and 4th place finishes in the 100 fly, 100 free, 50 fly, and 200 IM. 
      Many of our outstanding swims came from our 13 and under athletes; Ethan Linford dropped astonishing amounts of time all weekend-over 30 seconds in the 100 and 200 free, and nearly 30 seconds in his 100 back and breast. Ethan was a perfect 7 for 7 on best times! Noah Curtis similarly stomped all over his previous PR's, with a minute drop in his 50 breast, 26 seconds in his 100 free; Noah was also 100% best times last weekend. Ben Linford was 8 for 8 on PR's, nearly a minute faster in his 800, 8 seconds faster in the 100 free, and 20 seconds in the 200 fly. Lauren Stephens was 7 for 8 on best times, lopping nearly 2:00 off her 400 IM, 8 seconds off her 100 fly, and 10 seconds off one of her primary events in the 200 back. 
    Not to be left out, many of our 14 and overs got in on the fast swims; Lanis Webb showed some newfound distance acumen with big drops in the 1500 and 400 freestyles; Lanis' 400 was fast enough for 10th place on the all time performer listMason Groth was another member of the 100% club, garnering 8 new best times and placing top-16 in 3 different races in the very fast 15 and over division-Mason is nipping at the heels of some our fastest senior boys. Isaiah Hudlet dropped in all 7 of his races, stepped up to do the 100 fly on the medley relay on Saturday, and placed in the top 10 in all his swims for the 13-14 boys capped by a 4th place in the 100 breast. Avery Gephart joined the 100% club with a fantastic 9 for 9 best times, and was the picture of dependability all weekend with drops between 1 and 5 seconds in every single race. Maverick Royalty  rounded out the 100% club, with 6 best times in 6 races. Maverick was a fantastic supporter of his teammates all weekend and almost never sat down, yet still managed to swim a 100 fly on the relay immediately before getting up and swimming his first ever 200 fly where he placed fourth-Mav's butterfly was amazing to watch, as he dropped 10 seconds in the 100 as well. 
Kendra Newman went 6 best times (and was just off her best in her other race), and nis now just tenths of a second off the our top-10 lists in both breaststrokes. Kendra had a phenomenal meet, highlighted by her 8 second drop and 4th place finish in the 200 breast. Josh Hudlet had 6 best times and dropped nearly 20 seconds in his 400 free; Josh placed 6th overall in the 200 breaststroke. Lucy Wright and Mati Archer returned to long course after a several year hiatus, and had the predictable big drops (like 34 seconds for Lucy in the 200 IM and 14 seconds for Math in the 100 free) as they both jumped right back into competition-they also stepped up big time to fill slots on the 4x100 free relay with best times!
It is such a privilege to be able to take these swimmers to a meet and know that they will represent themselves and CAST with great sportsmanship and fast swims. This is still just the beginning of Long Course season but we're off to a fast start!