Volunteer Committment Important Info

 THANK YOU to all of our volunteers who have made our last two PIKE meets a success. I think you all know by now that these meets would not run without our volunteers and it truly takes each one of you doing your part to help us have the reputation of running GREAT meets! 

With only ONE home meet left this year I want to make sure everyone knows how to find out if you have fufilled your volunteer committment for the year (we do not want anyone to be blindsided with fines you were not aware were coming). For any families who started at the beginning of the season the volunteer committment is 10 sessions for the year. If you started after that you can find out your committment by going to the Parent Info tab on the Home page of the website and selecting "Volunteer Hours Requirement". Your start date will determine your required number of sessions needed by 8/31/19. 

To find out what sessions you have worked and to see how many you still need ( if any) please do the following:

Log in to the Website

From left side of Home Page select My Account

Select My Invoice/Payment

Select Service Hours Tab 

Current year is shown in blue and has a start date of 9/2018. This will list the meets and sessions you worked. This is based on your ACCOUNT so if you signed up for two spots at a meet and brought a friend to fill one that is reflected. Do not pay attention to the actual job titles, they won't always match what you actually did at the meet, what is important is the number of jobs at each meet. 

Scroll down, then over, to see the actual number of sessions and to see if you have fulfilled your committment. If the number of sessions listed has a negative sign in front of it this means you have fulfilled your committment and have gone OVER by that many sessions (ex, -2.00 means you worked two more sessions than you were required). If the balanace is 0.00 that means you have fulfilled your committment exactly and if there is NO negative sign (ex. 2.00) then you still need two more sessions to fulfill your requirement. 

If you were fined earlier for not working at a meet with a session requirement then that will not be reflected but can be added to your total. The fines do count as sessions worked in this case. (EX. your total says 2.00 but you didn't work at the Spring Invite and were fined for two sessions then you can add those to your total and your balance would actually be 0.00). 

Unfortunately we do have several families who have not fulfilled their requirement for the year. We truly do need your help more than any money we get  from fines. 

Sign up for the July Developmental Meet will be done as usual a few weeks before the meet, however if you have sessions to fill please sign up early. We will make sure first priority for spots is given to those who are trying to fill their committment. This is only a one session meet so space will be limited and we cannot have extra people on deck not doing a job! 

If you notice a discrepancy with the number of sessions it says you worked at a particular meet please don't hesitate to reply to this e-mail and ask. We truly only have the volunteer sign in to go by at the end of each meet so making sure you sign in is important to get credit! 

Sorry for such a long e-mail but making sure everone knows exactly how to access this information is important! 

Thanks again for making PIKE TOWNSHIP SWIM CLUB a great team to be a part of! 


Jenny DiRuzza

Board President