Morgan Ray Representing Team USA

Senior swimmer Morgan Ray was selected as part of The USA National Paralympic team that recently competed at a World Series meet in Singapore. This meet presented a slew of new experiences for growth in the sport and in life. Morgan went halfway around the world to compete in his class (s6) in which he holds several American records and is top 10 in the world in 5 of 6 Olympic events.  He was internationally classed 'up' to s7 at the event and brought his fighting spirit to his new competitiors.

He posted solid times, was an excellent teammate to his fellow USA swimmers, and made finals on the last day in his weakest event.  This meet presented a host of challenges for Morgan and he proudly focused on his best efforts throughout the meet!

From Coach Cameron:

"Watching Morgan literally grow up in 4 days was emotional. He showed true grit beyond anything I have ever seen in the sport. Probably the most important takeaway from this event was the realization that the journey for top level athletes is never perfect, however with grit and a process driven mentality, an athlete can overcome and thrive."

Congrats to Morgan Ray and Thanks to Coach Cameron for all their work to represent Bolles Swimming and Team USA!