Age Group Practice Summer Weather Policy

Age Group Practice Summer Weather Policy

As practices shift to Northwest Swim Club on a regular basis, our Club will face inclement weather situations from time-to-time.  

Obviously, Northwest Swim Clubis an outdoor facility and our coaches cannot control the weather.

UASC will swim in the rain at practices held at Northwest Swim Club.  



If there is thunder and lightning, coaches will remove swimmers from the water and have them wait 30 minutes (under shelter) before re-entering the water.  

We will all need to use some judgement here.  

If there are severe storms prior to practice, and the radar looks like it will continue throughout practice, we may send an email out to notify everyone of a cancellation.  

If storms pop up during a practice that has already started, we will basically wait it out.  We cannot move swimmers over to the high school.  The Golden Bears (who drive) may relocate to UAHS, but the logistics of doing that with age group swimmers prevents that from being an option.  Additionally, we can't fit all of our athletes (Golden, Black, and Brown Bears) in the high school pool at the same time.  

If we decide to cancel the remainder of a "started" practice, we will send an email and allow swimmers to contact their parents/carpools to notify everyone.  Coaches will wait with athletes until everyone is picked up.  

If you wake up to morning storms, the coaches encourage everyone to check the radar and email prior to leaving for practice.