Kokomo Jackrabbits Fundraiser

Hi all, we are teaming up with the Kokomo Jackrabbits and KHS Swim this summer for a huge fundraiser for our program. The Jackrabbits have given us 10 games that we can work concessions and we get 10% of sales and 100% of tips. This could contribute up to 5K for our program. There is some new equipment that we would like to get for the program and this is a great opportunity for us to accomplish this and represent our community with the Jackrabbits. This is also a great opportunity for our high school swimmers to accumulate those needed volunteer outs for high school. 
Below is more information and what is required. If you are interested please email me along with the games you would like to volunteer for. We will need swimmers and parents help to make this possible. We will also be teaming up with KHS swim to ensure we get enough volunteers and we will split the funds accordingly. Tonight if any parents would like to attend the orientation please see times below.

The orientation is Thursday, May 23rd at 5:30 at Jackrabbits Stadium. HCA will need to bring to the orientation a completed Form W9, their Certificate of Insurance, and their IRS Letter of Determination proving HCA is a 501c3.


Here are the games our group will be working:

Sunday, June 2
Thursday, June 13
Sunday, June 16
Monday, June 17
Wednesday, June 26
Wednesday, July 3
Monday, July 8
Tuesday, July 9
Wednesday, July 10
Saturday, August 10

Here are the requirements:

All volunteers must be at least 16 years old.
At least 3 volunteers must be over 18 at each game.
Each game must have a 1 volunteer designated as the lead adult.
Lead adult volunteer must arrive 1-1/2 hours prior to game time.
Remaining volunteers arrive 1 hour prior to game time.
Liquor License: Lead adult volunteer needs a liquor license.
T-shirt – all volunteers must wear the same T-shirt of their organization.
Hat – Jackrabbits will provide each of us with a hat.
10% of sales
100% of tips

Tony White 
HCA Hurricanes