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Dear Families- 


Please read below for a message from Coach Tom. 


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Dear Marlin Families,


            It is with a very heavy heart that I must tell you this is my final week coaching for the Marlins. When I was 10 years old watching the Olympics in 2008 I told myself that someday I would go to Olympic trials and race in the same lanes that my heroes swam in. I told myself that I would show the world that a kid from Rancho could make it. I’m fortunate enough, at 21 years of age, to finally have a chance at making that dream come true. The unfortunate side of that is there is no longer an opportunity for me to show up to practice every day and coach at a level that the Marlins deserve. As 2020 gets closer and closer I have to dedicate more and more of my time to training and rest which means less time that I can give to the team. I wish with all my heart that there was a way to do both. I know that the Marlins will continue to make huge strides as a team and the rest of the amazing coaching staff will be more than capable of guiding each and every member of the team to reaching their goals. I would not be the man I am today if it were not for this team. Every time I step behind the block I think of how much love I have for my fellow coaches and all my swimmers and how proud I am to have called myself a Cordova Blue Marlin. That will never change.



Coach Tom