FST May Madness Results!

Just another awesome (pre-season) Long Course meet, with 161 Best Times & a total of 18 New State Cuts! 

NEW STATE CUTS:  Charlotte (50FR); Mason (50FR, 50BK, 50/100BR); Tomas (50/200FR & 50BK); Calvin (50BK); Julian (200FL); Joseph G (200FR); Sydney (50/100FR, 100/200BK), Ethan (1500FR), Ella Z (1500FR) & Morgan (100FL & 1500FR)

BEST TIMES:  Sasha; Coco R; Eila; Joseph G; Carter; Madeline; Abby; Judith; Jack G; John R; Stella; Rachel; Sammy; Shannon; Claire; Carlota; Sierra; Tallis; Melina; Joelle; Helena; Griffin; Joseph L-T; April; Jeremy; Silas; Caden; Natalia; Luke; Tierney, Ashlyn, Hailey; Jonah; Lucy K, Flora & Mara!

Let's keep up the great work and attention to detail at practice and this summer will be our best yet!!!