Results Whistler Invitational 25-26th, May, 2019


Burnaby Dynamo Swim Team travel to Whistler last Week-end and compete in Whistler Seawolves Invitational Swim Meet.
Results were excellent ! All 20 Dynamo  swimmers in the competition got best time in their events.
Over all Dynamo Swim Team won- 16 Gold medals, 10-Silver medals and 6-Bronze and just missed by one point 1st Place in the competition .
Champions in the competition were:
Individual Events:
Valentin Glivenko 10 years old- 5 gold medals
Savo Kostic  12 years old-3 gold medals
Guilherme Dwyer 10 years old-2 gold medals
Stephanie Mincheva 13 years old- 1 gold medal
Kin Peng Zhou  15 year old- 1 gold medal
»Suresha, Satvika
  »Maior, Maia
  »Maior, Clara
  »Falloon, Lily R
»Li, David M
  »Morin, Lucas
  »Dhaliwal, Avani
  »Kostic, Savo A
Congratulations to swimmers and coaches for this excellent performance!!
Lidia Menzies
Head Coach