Summer Session Reminder

Hello Makos!

As a reminder, the summer long-course session, effective June 1 to August 10 starts next week. Swimmers participate in this program as their schedule allows and there is a new three-week break at the end of August before the short-course session from August 10 - Sept 2.  

Current active swimmers do not need to sign up. They will simply roll over to the summer session, effective June 1. Inactive or new swimmers to NSAC can start the summer session at any time (pro-rated) by activating or reactivating their membership.

As previously announced, the summer session will be one program fee divided equally over three months, billed monthly, the same as last year. The fees for the summer session have not changed and are dependent on the group level of the swimmer.

We know that summer schedules and personal goals differ for all swimmers.  We have many opportunities to meet your swim training needs this summer and throughout the year.

Look at all our ways to swim!  See you in the pool!