TFS updates for our swim meet this Saturday!

Dear Stingrays,

We are excited to host our first swim meet THIS SATURDAY!  Please review the below information to prepare us to run a successful swim meet.   

  • Check in for the swim meet starts at 7:45 am on Saturday, June 1!  Warm ups start shortly after 8:00 am and the meet officially begins at 9 am.    
  • Caps are arriving this week!!  We will hand them out during practice and at the meet. 
  • Swimmers should wear their 2019 team swim suits, bring goggles (and extras is a good idea), sunscreen, towels, and caps.  Apply sunscreen on before leaving the house so swimmers don't smudge the ink that will be written on their hands at check in.  Make sure name is on everything!  
  • We ask parents to wear a team shirt (or team colors) to our swim meets. We have a limited selection and sizes of previous year's tshirts on a deep discount in our team office behind the pool. See a TFS board member during practice times for details. You can also order new shirts from our team store via our website. 
  • Bring chairs to sit on.  Remember your $ for heat sheets, 50/50 raffle and our wonderful TFS concessions. The Pittman/Shelton famous burgers will be back!  Heat sheets are $2.  Remember to bring small bills; $1 bills are great!!   Check out our team website "swim meet" tab for helpful tips and what to bring. 
  • Stroke & Turn Officials will be scheduled for all meets.  We will have officials scheduled for all meets going forward.  They will be stationed at the side of the pool and wearing white shirts.  Please do not question them on whether or not your swimmer was disqualified.  If you have questions about your swimmer's technique, please ask the coaches.  Stroke and turn officials are there to ensure that all swimmers ages 7 and up are getting the feedback they need on technique.    
  • Parking During Meets:  We request that all TFS families park in the front grass area between the main parking lot and Atlantic Ave. to save room for the visiting team. The following guidance comes directly from the Rec Center Aquatics Manager.  Please comply with the following parking guidelines to help us maintain good relations with the Rec Center.  The Greenway, playground, and fitness room are all operational on Saturdays.  It is expected that consideration will be given to accommodate these city-sponsored activities related to parking. Parking directly in front of the fitness room and behind the auditorium is not permitted in order to allow for parking for the city’s existing programs.   
  • Please do not park behind the aquatics building (unless you are with concessions/cooking team).  This area is off limits to chairs, tents and cars. The double gates to the playground open to allow 1 or 2 home team vehicles access to this area for cooking purposes (grill crew should park to the east of the gate, in the playground, not behind the building).  
  • Safety First!!  We need all parents to keep an eye out for safety and liability issues for our team.  If you see any of the following happening, please step up and address the situation as these behaviors create safety issues:  climbing on equipment, entering into the kiddie pool, running on the pool deck, general rough housing, etc.  PLEASE parents - we need your help!  Even if it's not your kid, if you see someone doing something questionable, take accountability to correct them.  We must avoid injuries and maintain a positive relationship with the Rec Center.  If you see anything that may be a problem, please step up and "fix" the problem right away.  Thank you!!  
  • Relays at Meets:  All swimmers must stay for relays!!  Even if it looks like your swimmer is not scheduled to swim a relay, it's important for him/her to stay in case they are needed at the last minute.  Plus, it's good sportsmanship to stay until the end of the meet to support and cheer for your team (and everyone needs to stay to help clean up).  Let's teach our swimmers how to be great team-players by staying until the end of the relays and helping to clean up afterwards. 
  • Clean up:  ALL parents and swimmers are expected to stay after the meet ends to help clean up and put the pool "back together" for public swim.  We need everyone's help and support with this!  
  • If you have any questions or need additional support, please email us at or ask one of our veteran parents for help.  

We have the BEST families.  Thank you for making this season GREAT!!