Memorial Day Monday brought a crazy day to the pool.  With over 500 visitors which included members and guests be sure to review our guest policy and some other pool rules that need to be followed. Please review the red hi-lited topics below.


FOOD TRUCK FRIDAYJoin us this Friday, May 31st for our first “Food Truck Friday” of the summer. Come down to the pool and enjoy food from Lil J’s Super Dawgs. They will be set up and serving food from 5:30-8:00. Card and cash accepted.  The Forecast is looking good for the last day of May. Hope to see you all down at the pool!


1. All members and guests must check in with the guards  in the office before they enter the pool.

2. Guests fees are $2 person or one guest pass. (This fee applies to anyone who is not a member of the pool. (ie..grandparents, children under one and members from neighboring pools, guests not swimming).  NO refunds will be given.

3. Guest passes are sold in books of 12 for $20, or $2 each.

4. Each guest will sign in upon entry and child guests will be issued a wrist band to show that day’s authorized entry.

5. Please be sure to have emergency phone numbers for child guests whose parents are not in attendance.

6. All guests must be accompanied by a member at check in and the pool member must remain at the pool while the guest is in attendance. 

7. A casual guest may use the pool up to two times per week, they must be accompanied by the member and they must pay their guest fees upon each visit.

8. House guests are defined as a guest staying at the member’s home for 1 or more consecutive nights. House guests use 2 guest passes for the duration of his or her stay or 4 passes per family. House guests must be registered in the pool office. House guests need to be accompanied by the member at all times while using the pool facilities but they are not restricted to the number of times per week that they frequent the pool.

9. Care takers (i.e. babysitters, nannies, grandparents) of member's children do not need to pay the Guest fee if they are the one's providing the childcare in the parents absence. If parents are present then a guest fee needs to be collected.

10. Members are responsible for their guests and their actions.  If a guest is called in to question for their actions or not abiding to the pool rules, that member's membership may be called in question and brought to the board for dismissal.

Restrictions on number of guests per day: 
Up to 9 guests: Members may have up to 9 guests on any day without prior notification to pool management. The member can choose to use individual guest passes or pay the Guest Fee for each guest.

Between 10 and 20 guests: Members bringing between 10 and 20 guests, during normal hours of operation, must request authorization and schedule the group through the pool office at least five (5) days in advance! The member can choose to use individual guest passes or pay the Guest Fee for each guest. When the member schedules the group they must state member number, approximate number of guests and time frame of party. (There may only be two (2) large parties at the club at one time, subject to manager discretion.)

Over 20 guests: MEMBER MUST RENT POOL (Not during normal hours of operation) -- See pool office for details. Guest passes do not apply to pool rental.




LIFEGUARDSLifeguards are at the pool to keep the pool safe and to enforce the rules. If the Guards as trying to enforce a rule please don’t argue with them and give them grief.  If you have a problem with our rules please bring it up with a Board Member or a Pool Manager not with the Lifeguards.  The young adults on staff do not make these rules up….they help to enforce them.  Our expectation is that you and your guests show them respect.  The Lifeguards are in charge at the pool and have the authority to enforce the rules.  Please be KIND to them.




ROUND TABLES- The tables on the upper deck are not to be reserved for all day enjoyment.  The need to be actively used.  Please do not put your stuff on a table and then go spend the day sitting on a lawn chair.  Do not have a child reserve a table with their towel and flip flops.  These tables need to be actively in use.  If they are not being occupied you risk the chance of your items being removed from the table so that others can enjoy it.  Also…please do not use a table for your picnic supplies and one for yourselves.  If you need more table space please pull a small table in the cabana that is available for your use at anytime.



PROPANE TANKS --Propane tanks are now kept in a locked cage on the north side of the shed.  If you need a fresh tank, you can either ask the guard in the office to help you swap one out or ask them for the key and swap it out yourself.  Please remember to return the key.  ALL EMPTIES ARE KEPT IN THE CAGE.