2019 HOLLANDIA by the numbers

Once again, GREAT results at Hollandia everyone! The highlights include:

45 swimmers with 100% PERSONAL BESTS: Natalie Agnihotri, Kyle Ball, Ryan Ball, Claire Bao, Aliyah Baron, David Beckett, Clementina Bello, Nolan Biliski, Sophia Blanchette, Cameron Burston, Isabelle Burton, Ciaran Buyse, Madison Cann, Kennedy Cooke, Boyuan Dreuw, Charlotte Dyer, Jonah Eagleson, Nicole Forsey, Alec Gelz, Noah Gill, Danielle Hart, Thea Hogendoorn, Luka Karac, Tolga Kartoglu, Tony Kim, Reese Krishnathasan, Andy Li, Richard Liu, Vivian Liu, Tristan Look-Hong, David Maar, Caleigh Orcutt, Lauren Ormseth, Grace Phillips, Charlotte Rice, Hannah Rice, Derek Robinson, Kyla Romero, Kyle Stuckless, Victoria Swallow, Elise Webb, Maggie Yang, Mengdi Yong, Alexandr Zagidulin, Daoqi Zhu

Overall LAC swimmers recorded over 900 personal bests!

16 swimmers were 1ST TIME QUALIFIERS: WOSA Champs - Kamryn Bordin, Minjin Choi, Simon Drolet, Jonah Eagleson, Zachary Kostadopoulos, Thomas Krause, Nicole Maar, Bradley Marlow, Grier Stokely, Karen Xian, Mengdi Yong; Provincial Festival - Kyle Ball, Grace Phillips,; Provincial OYJC - Sophia Yuan; Provincial OSC - Hannah Burns; Canadian Junior Champs - Niamh O'Leary.

1st time ALL-TIME TOP 10 PERFORMER: Alex Beckett (12/u girls 50FR) 

CLUB RECORD-SETTER: Jacob Seddon (12/u boys 50FL)

51 swimmers won a total of 221 MEDALS:  Maggie Yang 9G, Jacob Seddon 8G-2B, Lauren Campbell 7G-2S-1B, Carter Buck 5G-4S, David Maar 5G-1S-1B, Colin Shearer 4G-3S-1B, Alex Beckett 4G-2S-4B, Siporah Sang 4G-2S-4B, Jacqueline Chambers 4G-1S-1B, Maggie MacNeil 4G, Andy Lian and Cleo Murphy 3G-2S-2B, Ryan Ball and Noah Gill 3G-1S-2B, Niamh O'Leary 2G-4S-2B, David Hickey 2G-1S-2B, Esther Lu 2G-2B, Tolga Kartoglu 1G-4S-3B, Ewan Shearer 1G-4S-1B, Leah Polito 1G-3S-1B, Rachel Caron 1G-2S-4B, Katie Callon 1G-1S, James Quigley 1G-2B, Kyle Ball 1G, Isabelle Burton 5S-2B, Sarah Tyrrell 4S-1B, George Trevor 3S-2B, Jack Haycock and Alana Skilling and Slava Zagidulin 3S-1B, Aliyah Baron 3S, Xavier Look-Hong 2S-1B, Jackson Cooke and Whitney Coome and Emma Park 2S, Lenka Myatt 1S-2B, Alyssa Ball and Danielle Hart 1S-1B, Ben Astrachan and Sam Fish 1S,   Claire Bao and Sonya Demidenok 2B, Leah Boulianne and Emilie Duggal and Sam Elkami and Holly Holden and Alex Lobo and Junsoo Pak and Emilee Pool and Michael Quigley and Kyla Romero 1B.   

That's 79 GOLD - 80 SILVER - 62 BRONZE.

LAC swimmers had another 210 finishes in the top 8.

One of our best Hollandia team performances EVER - great job EVERYONE, and many many thanks to our amazing army of volunteers!